The power of optimism.

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Morning. Happy World Elephant Day! Even if you forget, the elephants will always remember.


“Without fear we are able to see more clearly our connection to others. Without fear, we have more room for understanding and compassion. Without fear, we are truly free.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

SOCIAL CAPITAL: Build a powerful network

Nobody Wants to Follow a Pessimist

A big part of social capital is having people who want you to succeed–people who follow you, stick by you, and help you to the heights of greatness. But this isn’t always easy, especially if you’re a pessimist. It’s important to exude optimism. Take a lesson from Bob Iger, Disney’s recently retired CEO who revitalized the company and secured its place as an entertainment powerhouse in the 21st century.

After the 9/11 attacks, there was a global decline in tourism, and, as a result, Disney’s businesses suffered. This time was also a period of conflict for Iger’s predecessor, Michael Eisner, as Disney struggled to handle the downturn.

In his book, Iger recounts how Eisner would succumb to the stress, spiral into paranoia, and project a sense of doom that permeated through the ranks. It was ruinous to company morale. Iger says, “No one could have handled the stress that Michael was under perfectly, but optimism in a leader, especially in challenging times, is so vital. Pessimism leads to paranoia, which leads to defensiveness, which leads to risk aversion.”

Iger makes an argument for Optimism:

“Optimism sets a different machine in motion. Especially in difficult moments, the people you lead need to feel confident in your ability to focus on what matters, and not to operate from a place of defensiveness and self-preservation. This isn’t about saying things are good when they’re not, and it’s not about conveying some innate faith that “things will work out.” It’s about believing you and the people around you can steer toward the best outcome, and not communicating the feeling that all is lost if things don’t break your way. The tone you set as a leader has an enormous effect on the people around you. No one wants to follow a pessimist.”

To succeed, you need people that want to stick by you, follow you, and help you to the heights of greatness. A pessimist won’t get this response.

ACHIEVERS’ ARMORY: Equip yourself with proven tools & tactics

Your Daily Dose Of Motivation

Staying motivated all day, every day is difficult. No matter what book you read or video you watch, that initial rush of motivation it provided eventually wears off. The daily grind of life can wear us down and strip away the passion and fire we had at the start of the day. If only there were a way to stay motivated throughout the day.

Motivation is a mobile application that will send motivational quotes to your phone throughout the day. They appear as a standard notification and allow you to read the quote without having to unlock your phone or open the app. You can set the time they start, the time they end, and how many you get a day. For example, you can set your app, so the quotes begin getting delivered when you wake up and end before you go to sleep.

This app will deliver a wide variety of quotes that focus on topics such as pushing through hard times, maintain your focus, staying positive, doing the right thing, overcoming adversity, and more. They are randomly delivered to your phone throughout the day to provide a small but vital pick me up when your motivation may be starting to run out.

To download this app and begin receiving your extra dose of motivation, click here.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Master the soft skills

Four Elements of Storytelling

  1. Plot. The events of a story. A series of actions and reactions. A cause-and-effect sequence of things happening to propel a character from a beginning, through a middle, to an end.
  2. Character. The who of a story. The people or creatures who populate the world, who make the decisions that drive the plot, and who let the audience vicariously experience and relate to it all.
  3. World. The environment of a story. The environment is where it all takes place. This includes physical details, like geography, time, and season, as well as cultural elements like social, political, and religious systems.
  4. Language. The words of a story. The grammar, style, and voice of the writing. Everything from word choice to character names to how the writer puts together sentences, paragraphs, scenes, and chapters.

SELF-DISCOVERY: Unleash the Achiever within

10 Self-discovery Journal Prompts

  1. What currently brings me the most joy and happiness?
  2. What is one area in my life I have grown in over the past year? (health, relationships, finances, career, etc.)
  3. What is one achievement I am most proud of?
  4. What is one thing I can do today to improve myself?
  5. Who is my biggest inspiration? Why?
  6. What is one thing I’ve always wanted to learn more about?
  7. Am I truly happy with where I am in life?
  8. Do I feel successful in my life?
  9. What is my first thought when I open my eyes in the morning? Am I happy about this?
  10. Are my current routines getting close to my goals? If not, what can I do to change them?

LEADERS & INFLUENCERS: Learn from the best

5 Self-Development Podcasts to Start Your Day

Self-development based podcasts are a gold mine of information for you to become a better worker, leader, and person. They provide you with insights into how the world’s most successful people operate daily. You can learn tips and tricks to improve various aspects of your life, such as time management, communication, organization, overcoming adversity, being creative, and much more. Here’s 5 of them to get you started:

  1. Impact Theory hosted by Tom Bilyeu. Tom interviews some of the world’s highest achievers to provide the listener with extensive knowledge and value.
  2. The Good Life Project hosted by Jonathan Fields. This podcast focuses on interviewing those you can teach you their views and methods integrating more meaning, connection, and love into your life.
  3. London Real hosted by Brian Rose. Each week they interview a high achiever and discuss their thoughts on how to be successful, healthy, wealthy, and happy.
  4. The Robin Sharma Mastery Sessions hosted by Robin Sharma (shocker). Robin Sharma is a published author and leadership speaker who analyzes the habits, rituals, and practices of the world’s top 5% of performers.
  5. The Mindvalley Podcast hosted by Vishen Lakhiani. This podcast focuses on personal transformation by collecting a variety of insight and inspiration from the world’s top teachers and thought leaders.



[ ak-see-uh-mat-ik ] | adjective

self-evident; obvious.

NEWS BREAK: Stay informed

  • Joe Biden picked Senator Kamala Harris as his VP running mate, the first Black woman and first Asian-American on a major party presidential ticket.
  • The Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences won’t play football this fall.
  • Russia on Tuesday became the first country to approve a coronavirus vaccine, a move that was met with international skepticism and unease because of limited testing.
  • Expect 5G iPhones for the Fall launch of the iPhone 12.

1% BETTER: Improve each day

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