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September 2, 2020

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“There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.”

– Christopher Morley

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Looking Forward

Maybe, you have a great idea to solve a problem you’re facing or just created your life plan for the next ten years. You’ve finally got a hold on something! Until…

The next obstacle in your path to continued success is the future. Ah, that unknowable and seemingly ever-changing abyss. Predictions made today about what will happen throughout the 2020s, or even in the rest of this year, will probably look incredibly wrong in a few years.

That’s tough for us. We plan for the future based on our assumptions, but the farther we move into the future, the less likely those assumptions hold.

At first glance, that uncertainty doesn’t offer much benefit. But perhaps that unknowing is exactly what we need to find a silver lining or a hidden opportunity.

Our understanding of the impossible constrains us too often. We limit ourselves based on our sense of what can or should be done because let’s face it, most of us act like sheep more often than not. This sense leads us to form an idea of what will happen and, thus, we restrict our thinking accordingly.

If we didn’t think about what might or is supposed to happen, we would feel freer to more towards our boldest ideas. Sure, risk and uncertainty might make us wary of our ideas and path. But, given our inability to predict the future, is it a considerable risk to think our ideas can’t be in it?

quote that traces back to 1899: “Everything that can be invented has been invented.”

Guess what, whoever uttered it was wrong. There have been hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of inventions since. A simple look at the things that fill your house or the device you’re reading this on didn’t exist a generation ago. Expectations and predictions don’t influence the future, but they do have an unintended consequence of controlling what becomes possible.

The future gives us a blank canvas, primed for endless possibilities. We’d be doing ourselves a disservice to operate as though we know what they will be. Fear and caution are not what life is about, nor should it be what guides our actions. Your guess of the future is as good as any.

MONEY: Become wealthy

Hold ‘Em Or Fold ‘Em

For those of us that invest in the stock market, buying and selling stocks can be exciting and fun. Holding stocks of the companies we’re passionate about makes us feel as if we’re part of their success. It feels especially great when their value increases and incredibly frustrating when we get caught in a bust. When should we buy stock in companies we like, when should we hold them, and when should we sell them?

Honestly, this is different for all, but we believe the best strategy is to have a designated stash of cash for when you’re interested in purchasing stocks separate from your normal investing routine. Let’s say you invest $200 a month into the market through a fund or ETF. Keep this routine and don’t take money away from that habit, but put a bit extra aside for the times where you want to buy that Tesla or Apple stock.

The extra set aside is “play” money in the sense that you can play around with it, buying and selling individual stocks you fancy without compromising your investing strategy. If the stock goes through the roof, pat yourself on the back and treat yourself to something nice. If it tanks, it was fun to follow and track, and fortunately, you didn’t jeopardize the rest of your growth.

When do you keep them, and when do you sell? Whenever you want! Investing in individual stocks is more suited to a separate component of your investment portfolio, and since it doesn’t rely on your retirement strategy, feel free to do what you think is best.

ACHIEVERS’ ARMORY: Equip yourself with proven tools & tactics

Learn More Than Just The Lingo

As you rise the ranks of a company or start your own business, international travel may be in your future- or if you’re just itching to travel after COVID. Many people are eager to travel the globe, explore new countries, immerse themselves in different cultures and communities. While traveling is fun and exciting, it is also something one must prepare for by using an app like TripLingo.

TripLingo is a free mobile application that helps international travelers stay safe and productive while traveling abroad. Here are just a few of its valuable services:

Culture Guide

  • The app acts as an instant voice translator, so you may communicate directly with anyone you meet.

Safety and Travel Tools

  • This function provides you with emergency information, a currency converter, a tip calculator, and various travel tools.

Traveling Wi-Fi

  • The built-in Wi-Fi dialer allows you to save money when you make international calls.

To learn more about TripLingo’s services and prepare for your next trip, click here

HEALTH & WELLNESS: Stay healthy in the hustle

Are Essential Oils Worth the Hype?

Essential oils are all the hype right now, but are they worth it? We’re running through the basics of essential oils so you can decide for yourself.

What Are They

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts distilled into oil. They have been used for medicinal purposes in some cultures for centuries. Recent research shows that certain oils do have health benefits. But because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate essential oils, most should be used cautiously.

How to Use

  1. Aromatically
  2. Topically
  3. Internally


Essential oils ease stress, relieve headaches, improve sleep, repel insects, and so much more!


A little goes a long way! You can always add more, so its best to start with less.

Common Oils

There are dozens of essential oils, each with a unique scent and potential healing properties.

  • Basil: To ease coughs and congestion, enhance mood, improve digestion, increase alertness, and soothe muscle aches.
  • Bergamot: Used to relieve anxiety and is being studied for its potential to lower cholesterol.
  • Citronella: A natural insect repellant, citronella, also may ease stress and fatigue.
  • Eucalyptus: The active ingredient in VapoRub, eucalyptus is commonly used to treat colds, congestion, and coughs, and is being studied for antibacterial benefits.
  • Frankincense: Helps treat dry skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, scars, and stretch marks.
  • Lavender: One of the most widely used essential oils, lavender is used for relaxation and to relieve insomnia.
  • Lemon: Said to boost mood and energy, this citrus oil reduces anxiety and may promote weight loss.
  • Tea Tree: Used to treat fungal skin infections and as a spot treatment for acne.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Master the soft skills

Opening the Gates to Success

Any couple who has attempted to live and work together will tell you that doing so isn’t incredibly easy? So, how did Bill and Melinda Gates do it, and do it well?

On Bill Gate’s blog, they answered the question: How do you handle disagreements?

Here are three highlights:

  1. Empathy: Empathy is one of those qualities we all want others to show to us, but it’s not always easy to show others. “I love Bill because he has a kind heart, listens to other people, and lets himself be moved by what they say,” writes Melinda. “When I tell a story about what I’ve seen, he feels it. He might ask me to gather some data for good measure, but he doesn’t doubt the reality of my experiences or the soundness of my judgment.” Empathy is about listening first, identifying with the other person’s feelings, and displaying no judgment. Easier said than done, Bill! We tend to dismiss another’s experience when we think they’re ridiculous or overreacting. The key is to find a way to relate to the other person’s feels, and the rest will follow in the words you use, the tone in which you speak, and your facial impressions.
  2. Valuable feedback. “Some people see Melinda as the heart of our foundation, the emotional core,” writes Bill. “But just as she knows I’m more emotional than people realize, I know she’s more analytical than people realize.” They each take advantage of these strengths to keep each other balanced. For example, when he is enthusiastic about something, he counts on her to ground him and make sure he’s realistic. Teams thrive when trust allows them to give constructive feedback. When change is necessary, it shouldn’t be a blame game, but a step for improvement. They have learned to deliver and receive feedback in the best way possible, designed to help, not harm.
  3. Respect: Melinda is thankful that she and Bill have achieved true equality in their marriage and work relationship. “This is a balance that married couples, and co-workers, all over the world are always trying to strike,” Melinda writes. “One of the reasons this work has been so fun for me is that we’ve been on this journey together.” Partners in all senses of the word.

Working with your spouse may be the farthest thing from your reality, but you can still learn from the Gates’ experience.

Make your teammates feel like partners by giving them the freedom to explore and share new ideas without judgment. Once they feel respected, valued, and listened to, they’ll go all in.



[ gawrp ] | noun

a mixture of nuts, raisins, dried fruits, seeds, or the like eaten as a high-energy snack, as by hikers and climbers.

So, basically, trail mix.

NEWS BREAK: Stay informed

  • Facebook​ announced Tuesday that associates of the Russian troll group known as the Internet Research Agency (IRA), which was part of Russia’s attempt to interfere in the 2016 US presidential election, are trying to target Americans again.
  • Vice President Mike Pence was put on standby to temporarily assume the powers of the presidency during President Donald Trump’s unannounced visit to Walter Reed hospital in November 2019.
  • A third COVID virus vaccine reaches major hurdle, final U.S. testing.
  • Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the U.S. economy urgently needs additional fiscal stimulus to fully rebound from the Covid-19 crisis.

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When shopping online, don’t only look at the aggregate reviews, but also look at the most positive and most negative reviews. This way, you’ll know the product’s praises and the worst you can expect.