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October 6, 2020

Good morning! Would you dye your hair pink? What about it if it was for breast cancer awareness? Still, no? It’s okay, Joe Jonas did it for you.


“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

–Albert Einstein

ADVENTURE & LIFESTYLE: Live the life you want

Staycation Adventure

With the COVID-19 pandemic still going strong in the US and looking as if it’s going to stay with us for the rest of 2020, it isn’t easy to keep the vacation spirit in our lives. It’s even more difficult for us to take a “staycation” because we’re home all the time and sometimes it just isn’t fun anymore. Spice up this time at home with some ideas to keep busy, keep entertained, and, most of all, keep healthy.

  • Parks Nearby: This is surprisingly fun. Check out local parks, trails, paths, and nature areas to walk around. We’ve been doing this for weeks, and there are still places we haven’t visited in a 20-mile radius.
  • Netflix and Chill: It doesn’t have to be Netflix, but you get the idea. Netflix, Amazon, and Disney have made a lot of content available for free and for memberships. It’s never too late to get into a good show or revisit an old favorite. Extraction and The Social Dilemma are popular.
  • Sous Chef Extraordinaire: The favorite of dads everywhere, get some recipes out that you’ve wanted to try forever and get cooking. Just don’t cook pasta in the microwave. You can also try new holiday drinks like mulled wine.
  • Podcasts: Now’s the best time to start your own or delve into the hundreds of fantastic ones available. There’s every topic by every type of expert covered. We like this one: about Olympic Athletes.
  • Audiobooks: Our personal favorite. This makes the days so much more enjoyable, especially during the housework.
  • Home Makeover: Can you think of a better time to get that home project out of the way? Paint a room, redecorate, organize your closets, or fix that leaky pipe. If your house is the .01% that doesn’t need any work done, put your feet up and enjoy.

ACHIEVERS’ ARMORY: Equip yourself with proven tools & tactics

Take A Break From Social Media

Raise your hand if you are on social media too much? This isn’t surprising considering that the developers who work on these apps design them to hook you into checking them frequently. Although constantly checking your phone seems like a harmless habit, if you are trying to achieve more in life, it consumes time that you could spend on something else.

AppDetox is a mobile application that will help you curtail or completely stop your social media addiction. This program allows you to set rules around how much interaction you have with your social media apps and how often you can check them. You can block notification, set timers, and even program the apps to lock you out after a certain number of visits.

The key is what you are going to do with your newfound time. Take this opportunity to download apps that will increase your knowledge and emotional intelligence, get outdoors, read a book, or anything else that doesn’t require looking into the palm of your hand.

To get started, click here to learn how to download and use this app.

SOCIAL CAPITAL: Build a powerful network

Praise The Lord!…Or At Least Each Other!

Human brains are, well, human. We’re all wired a certain way. We tend to notice negatives and only recognize positives when they are overwhelming, or we’re in the mindset to do so. This can be good for the perfectionist who’s designing a jet plane or building a skyscraper, but for relationships, always recognizing the negative can be aggravating to friends and family.

Let us give you an example. Say you receive an A+, a 97, on a recent exam or continuing education course. In one frame of mind, hooray, you got a 97! That’s fantastic! In another frame of mind, you look at that 97 and think, “what on Earth did I miss that I didn’t get a 100.” The extreme version of this is the parent who sees their kid get that same 97, and instead of appreciating their excellent grade, scolds them for not getting full marks.

Noticing the negative versus praising the positive can be a subtle difference in thought. We’re certainly not saying that one is better than the other, but we are saying that having only one or the other leads to poor judgment. Only noticing negative leads to bitterness and resentment in oneself and others and only praising the positive leads to overconfidence and complacency.

As you grow your list of accomplishments, keep track of how you can do better and keep it with you for the next time, but don’t ruminate on it. Recognize the great things you and your friends have accomplished and dish out the praise!

HEALTH & WELLNESS: Keep healthy in the hustle

Therapy Going Digital

After that debate the other week (and most of 2020 thus far), we’re all a little stressed (as if we weren’t stressed enough already). The good news is that online therapy is even more accessible than it was before and you can get the help you need and deserve. If you don’t have health insurance but still need access to a mental health provider, there are many apps and other platforms you can choose to use. We’ve researched for you:

  • Code Blue is an app that alerts your support network when you’re in need. The app is specifically designed for teens to let family or friends know in real-time when they’re being bullied or feeling depressed or suicidal.
  • PTSD Coach is developed by the Department of Veterans Affairs to help deal with PTSD symptoms, whether you are a veteran or otherwise. It helps connect you to resources local to you.
  • Talkspace connects you with a licensed therapist via chat. You have to pay for this therapist, but it can be a great option if you don’t have health insurance covering therapy. You can add video therapy for an additional cost.
  • Betterhelp is another online therapy app that you’ve likely heard of. You can specify if you’re looking for individual therapy, couples counseling, or therapy for your child. There’s unlimited chat, phone, and video calls.

Some of these platforms, like Betterhelp, offer financial aid just by filling out a short form, which can more than halve the cost.

SELF-DISCOVERY: Unleash the achiever within

The Inner You

I (Kyle) was scrolling through Instagram last week and came across a quote from Anthony Bourdain.

“I understand there’s a guy inside me who wants to lie in bed, smoke weed all day, and watch cartoons and old movies. My whole life is a series of stratagems to avoid and outwit that guy.”

While most people probably laughed and scrolled on, I paused and thought about how relatable this quote was to me and possibly you as well.

As an entrepreneur and high achiever, I often spend my days delivering writing assignments, creating engaging content, coaching clients, and educating myself. However, there’s an ever-present temptation to push that aside in favor of watching Netflix, drinking beer, and eating Doritos. As much as I enjoy my work, there appears to be an inner version of myself who would rather lie around with a beer in one hand, and Dorito dust-covered fingers in the other.

I think it’s important to acknowledge that you most likely have a similar inner version of yourself as well. Perhaps, you don’t want to drink like me or smoke like Anthony, but I would bet that you are tempted to leave your work in favor of a more favorable, albeit an unproductive form of entertainment and relaxation. It’s key to realize this is something that we all go through. It does not mean you are lazy; it means you are human.

Having these desires pop up from time to time is perfectly normal. What separates the achievers from the average is your ability to understand that you will be much happier in the long term if you ignore your inner self until you have completed your tasks for the day. Then, you can enjoy life’s little pleasures to recharge for the following day.


What opiate proteins that produce a “runner’s high” were coined in the 1970s? Answer below.

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