Mark Cuban’s mishaps.

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“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.”

– Maya Angelou

STAND UP EIGHT: Triumph & persevere

From Beta to Shark

Mark Cuban, the deadly investor on Shark Tank, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and the billionaire we all know, like everyone else, started somewhere.

Here are some of Cuban’s most significant failures:

  • Couldn’t learn carpentry as a fall-back trade.
  • The bar he started in college was shut down when a 16-year old won a wet T-shirt contest.
  • After graduating from Indiana University, he quit his job at Mellon Bank because he didn’t like the CEO.
  • His Powdered milk venture failed after his parents were his only customers.
  • After moving to Dallas, Cuban got fired from his sales job at a software company after closing a deal without the CEO’s approval.

Getting fired led him to start his own computer systems company, MicroSolutions. Still, Cuban slept on the floor of a three-bedroom apartment where he lived with six other guys. He often came home to the lights turned off. Cuban counted the months he was in business, hoping to outlast his previous endeavors. Even with his nascent success, there were setbacks. For example, his secretary stole $82,000 from Microsolutions.

Cuban learned, “Even when you have every ‘i’ dotted and every ‘t’ crossed, something is going to go wrong. And when it does, you just have to fight through it and grind through it. Remember what it is that makes you special, and what it is that makes you confident to do what you do, and do more of it.”

Cuban sold MicroSolutions to CompuServe for $6 million in 1990, making him a millionaire at 32. He co-founded a company called Audionet, which became Yahoo acquired it for $5.7 billion, and Cuban became a billionaire at 40. Today, Cuban is worth $4.1 billion, according to Forbes.

As Cuban wrote in his book, “It doesn’t matter how many times you almost get it right. No one is going to know or care about your failures, and neither should you.” And we certainly remember and know Mark Cuban for his successes, not his failures.

ACHIEVERS’ ARMORY: Equip yourself with proven tools & tactics

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WorkPatterns is an on-line platform that helps produce effective communication, accountability, and alignment across teams. Their goal is to implement management best practices that improve overall productivity and team morale. They help team members gain clarity on things like project timelines and personal deliverables to ensure all due dates and deadlines are hit.

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ADVENTURE & LIFESTYLE: Live the life you want

Get Addicted to Greatness

Addiction is bad, isn’t it? Most of us think addiction is terrible because often, the word is associated with adverse outcomes (and meetings in church basements). The strict definition of addiction refers to chemical changes within the brain that cause or result in excessive use of something, typically leading to damage in some form. How could this possibly be good?

You’re familiar with addicts of drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, and we’re sure things we haven’t even heard of, but an addiction to greatness? We haven’t found this in any medical journals, but we think it could be useful, just the same. Addiction becomes a lifestyle for most, and we’re not here to trivialize true addiction but to get you thinking about the positive feeling, the “high” to achieving greatness in your lifestyle.

You don’t have to accomplish wildly fantastic goals and monumental tasks to be “great.” You can achieve this in the daily living of a 9-5 in the same way you can build your brand. There’s a sense of accomplishment, excitement, and a thrill to that feeling of producing something of higher quality. You begin to feel great yourself. The more you get that high of doing just a small fraction better, you start that upward spiral of success and achievement.

Many of us fall into the trap of the opposite of “good enough.” Next time you hear this voice within you, answer: “Not until it’s great enough.” Greatness can be a lifestyle. Make it yours.

HEALTH & WELLNESS: Keep healthy in the hustle

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes. Not just a child’s playtime song, but what all older people complain about in their golden years. A lifetime of movement catches up to the ol’ joints, especially if you don’t take care of them. Aside from the normally prescribed “healthy diet and exercise,” here are some pro tips for making sure you stay mobile on the grind and over time:

  • Regular Stretching: This is so underutilized we can’t believe how many people don’t take advantage of it. Take 2 or 3 minutes out of your day to stretch out a bit. Move in ways you wouldn’t usually (don’t hurt yourself, we mean valid stretches) that give your joints some extra spring. Set a daily reminder to get started.
  • Omega-3: Omega-3 Fatty Acid is toted all over the place now, you won’t have trouble finding it on Amazon or in any health food store. Fish oil or krill oil supplies this and can have added Vitamin D for helping your body absorb calcium and other benefits.
  • Good Posture: Remember your mom telling you to sit up straight? Well, she had it right. Proper posture, sitting up straight in a chair, lifting with your legs, not your back, and walking with your shoulders back and neck up helps your skeleton do its job the right way. Here’s a little ASMR treat about posture too.

Be sure to thank yourself in 50 years when you’re the fastest geezer on the pickleball court.

THE FIRST STEP: Seize the opportunity

Your Just Cause

Most people and organizations do not write good vision or mission statements. Don’t make that mistake. Adopt the mindset that you’re connecting what you do, what you’re building, and who you’re trying to help to a future you see. To help you find your vision, you should identify your “Just Cause.”

Just Cause is linked to our WHY, our noble purpose for being. Our WHY comes from our past—it is our origin story, and it is who we are.

Our Just Cause is our WHY projected into the future. It describes a future state in which we’ve realized our WHY. It is a forward-looking statement that is so inspiring and compelling that people are willing to sacrifice to see that vision advanced.

There are five criteria to have a Just Cause:

  1. For Something. It serves as a positive and specific vision of the future. A Just Cause is what you stand for rather than what you stand against.
  2. Inclusive. It is open to all those who wish to contribute. A Just Cause attracts people from diverse skill sets.
  3. Service-Oriented. The products and services an organization develops primarily benefit its customers, not the company itself.
  4. Resilient. Be able to endure political, technological, and cultural change.
  5. Idealistic. Big, bold, and ultimately unachievable. It’s not about becoming the biggest, the best, or the number one. It is about pursuing something infinite—you will not ever attain it. It is, indeed, a vision and not a goal.

Just Cause is an ideal. It is something so noble that we would be willing to devote our lives and careers toward advancing it. And that’s why it is a part of the first step.


The Perseid meteor shower is expected to peak the nights of Aug. 11 and Aug. 12. That’s tomorrow!

The National Weather Service says the moon will make it hard to see some of the meteors but the best viewing will be in a dark sky away from the radiant, or where the meteors appear to be coming from.

Try out this tool here to see what time is best for stargazing!

NEWS BREAK: Stay informed

  • Over the weekend, the U.S. topped 5 million COVID-19 cases, with 5 states making up more than 40% of cases.
  • Kodak’s $765 million dollar loan from the government is on hold and under investigation after its stock shot up several thousand percent.
  • Trump announced an executive order Saturday that extends unemployment payments of up to $400 a week with states responsible for $100 of the payment.

1% BETTER: Improve each day

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