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October 15, 2020

Good morning! 


“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

– Buddha

SELF-DISCOVERY: Unleash the Achiever within

Defining Your Role: How to Become

Who are you? What do you stand for? What do you want your legacy to be? What do you expect of yourself?

Once you answer these critical, somewhat-cliche questions, you can define the role you want to have in this world and shape your reality based on that.

Your life’s work is to become the best possible version of yourself, whatever that means to you. No one knows yourself better than you know you. This sense of purpose will fuel your motivation in all facets of your life.

So, raise the bar, achieve your goals, make an impact, and become.

It’s a dangerous illusion that we will always have tomorrow to do today’s work. It’s a comfortable and regretful way to live. Ruminating in this illusion will only make it harder to propel yourself outside of your comfort zone. Dare to be better than this, please.

Malcolm Gladwell, in his book, Outliers: The Story of Success, says, “Outliers are those who have been given opportunities- and who have had the strength and presence of mind to seize them.”

When you decide who you want to be, you’ll seek out possibilities, seize the opportunities that come your way, and become.

ACHIEVERS’ ARMORY: Equip yourself with proven tools & tactics

Up Your YouTube Game

When I say video, you think of YouTube. It makes sense because it is currently the unquestioned king of video content. Nearly every single brand posts its content on the video streaming giant. So, if everyone is there, how on earth are you supposed to be seen? Why create engaging video content if no one is going to see it?

Promolta is a revolutionary platform that helps you run YouTube campaigns to promote your brand. This tool’s key feature is the algorithm that will review your video and place it in front of an audience most likely to watch and engage with it. This allows brands to create videos about their products and services and then use them as sales tools to their target audience.

The process is simple. After you post your video on YouTube, upload it to the Promolta, and follow the steps. Promolta will use the information you provide to create a target audience and then advertise your video to them. With budgets starting as low as ten dollars, it provides a new marketing channel for brands to explore.

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HEALTH & WELLNESS: Keep healthy in the hustle

Don’t Skip Your Doctor Appointments

Full disclosure, I (Kyle) am not the best at remembering to go to the doctor. Those postcards they send me always end up in the trash. Naturally, I have to wait for my wife to bug me to make an appointment. Then, my doctor asks why it’s been so long since he’s seen me.

To be clear, I am not afraid of the doctor, but I am afraid of the amount of time it takes to go. As an entrepreneur, I am always searching for more time. Don’t we all want more time to spend on our ideas? So, it’s natural that the thought of spending an hour or two at a doctor to tell us what we already know seems like a waste of time. But, I’m beginning to realize that skipping the doctor is an irresponsible and dangerous practice for anyone looking to achieve their goals.

My father once said, if you don’t have your health, then you are in serious trouble. Our bodies are the vehicle we take on the journey to achieving our goals. If we get sick, we can’t work on all those tasks we claim we don’t have time for. The inconvenience of losing an hour to see the eye doctor pales in comparison to feeling like death on the couch for a week or worse.

A real achiever takes care of all parts of their life. Yes, it’s the professional wins that are fun to show off. However, it’s the behind-the-scenes work and people (thanks to Kayla, my wife) that helps you achieve those wins. It’s about making sure your body and mind are healthy and strong. You don’t make your doctor’s appointments because of a postcard or urging spouse; you do it because you understand the critical connection between success and your overall wellbeing.

MINDSET: Train your brain to win

Four Lessons from Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

1. You’ll have fewer problems when you choose the things you want to give a f*ck about.

If you don’t know what to care about, you’ll start caring about too many unimportant things and finding problems everywhere. You need to find something that gives meaning to your life. Find the things that you appreciate the challenge that comes along with them.

Our values are part of choosing what we care about. Good news! Your values aren’t static, so you can change your values and, consequentially, what you care about.

With the right values, you can change how you see your problems and redefine your perception of success and failure.

2. Only through discomfort, suffering, and pain will you seek change and grow.

“We suffer for the simple reason that suffering is biologically useful. It is nature’s preferred agent for inspiring change”.

Pain will inspire change because it brings discomfort, and when you’re feeling uncomfortable, you’ll seek comfort, and, ultimately, you will seek change.

3. We are 100% responsible for our life events

Yes, 100%, you read right! Ultimately, we are responsible for our choices, including our values and how we react to certain situations.

It’s all about accepting responsibility for your life. It’s about assuming that you own your life, choosing to be responsible for it, and choosing to be responsible for your problems.

As soon as you understand this, you’ll stop avoiding your responsibility and act upon your problems because they’re yours! They don’t just appear and disappear out of thin air.

It’s also crucial that you don’t mistake responsibility for fault. Even though people often use the words interchangeably, they’re different: Imagine you are walking on the sidewalk and get hit by a car. It’s probably not your fault you were hit, but it’s still your responsibility because you chose to walk on that sidewalk at that time of the day. If that doesn’t convince you, you’re still left with one responsibility: how you’ll react to that situation. Now picture that you decided to jump in front of a car. Here you had both the responsibility and the fault for that action.

So you can either be responsible and at fault, or not be at fault but still responsible.

Ultimately we choose our problems by choosing how we react to them.

4. You’ll die. Embrace it.

Yes! The only certainty you can have in life is that you’ll die.

We tend to be scared of what we don’t know, and because we also don’t know a lot about death, we tend to be afraid of it. That’s why people avoid thinking, talking, and even accepting that it exists.

What you probably don’t realize is that by fearing death, you fear life too. And even though you are alive, you’re not living your life to the fullest.

There’s this quote from Mark Twain:

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”

Both fears of life and death are feeding each other. Only when you confront death, can you start thinking about your legacy and understand the real power you have over your life. You become aware of the need to define better priorities.

Manson says:

“Confronting the reality of our mortality is important because it obliterates all the crappy, fragile, superficial values in life.”

By embracing death, you’ll understand that your life matters, and it’s in your power to make it matter the most.

NEXT LEVEL: Keep your success going

Don’t Forget Your Victory Lap

When I (Kyle) first became a coach, my wife and I used to go out to dinner when I would land a new client. Even when getting clients became more routine, I still marked the occasion with some celebration. The reason being, it’s easy to gloss over your victories and move onto the next task you haven’t completed yet. It’s important not to forget your victory lap.

When you are trying to achieve something significant, it requires a considerable amount of time and effort. So, when you finally achieve it, you should celebrate. You should pat yourself on the back and think about how hard you worked to make this happen. When you reach that next level of success, you have to remember what you have now is everything you ever wanted a few months or years ago.

This is simple advice to dispense, but it’s harder to actually follow. I am guilty of always moving the goalposts on myself. As soon as I reach a milestone, I focus on what other goals I have not accomplished yet. Constantly thinking about what you haven’t done is a recipe for developing a negative mindset. You will always be thinking about what you did wrong and never giving yourself time to appreciate what you did right.

Being an achiever is a long and difficult journey. If all you ever do is focus on the negative, you will become burnt out and quit. So, the next time you ace that test, sign a new client, complete a project, or reach a milestone in your workout program, take an hour to celebrate with someone you care about. Take the time to run that victory lap. You earned it. Then, keep going.


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