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September 28, 2020

Good morning! So, what do you think of Henry Cavill as the latest iteration of Enola Holmes’ older brother, Sherlock Holmes?


“It seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are thoroughly alive. There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger after them.”

– George Eliot

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Now What?

There was a movie released back in the 80s called The Princess Bride. In this film, one of the main characters spent his entire life trying to avenge his father’s death. After he accomplished his mission, he turned to his friend as he said, “You know, I have been in the revenge game my whole life. Now that it’s over, I don’t know what to do with myself.” A 2012 movie called Zero Dark Thirty focused on a CIA Agent who spent over a decade hunting Osama Bin Laden. Once he was killed, the pilot on the plane she was on asked her, “Where to?” and she could not answer the question.

I reference these movies to bring up a scenario that happens to many people when they finally reach that threshold of a successful business. You spend so much time working hard, getting over setbacks, and fighting the world. For many, all of this backbreaking work takes place on top of a full-time job and during spare time found in evenings and weekends.

So, when you finally break through, launch that company, and reach the top of the mountain that you have been climbing for years, it’s common to wonder, “What now?”. You have spent so long chasing something that you may not know what to do once you caught it.

This is the time to take a brief break. It can be as long as a week or as short as a day. Regardless, take some time for yourself to reflect on how far you have come and the hard work and sacrifices you had to make to get there. Once that is complete, it’s time to identify your next mountain. What is the next significant achievement you want to chase?

ACHIEVERS’ ARMORY: Equip yourself with proven tools & tactics

SNJ Millennials – Empowering Millennials To Achieve More

Millennials have been labeled as selfish, entitled, and disloyal when it comes to the corporate world and how they behave. This is not true of many millennials, and SNJ Millennials, a nonprofit run by Quandell Iglesia, is turning things around for the generation. SNJ is a group of achievers who are passionate about implementing actual change and aren’t afraid to question the status quo. They’re ready to embark on their own journey to create something for themselves and the world around them, and SNJ Millennials takes it to the next level.

The non-profit organization focuses on helping young professionals with the support, mentorship, and resources they need to achieve a higher level of success. SNJ offers millennials valuable services such as interactive workshops, innovative networking events, educational business resources, and much more that help young professionals grow. SNJ’s goal is to provide these young professionals with the tools and support they need to build their brand and make an impact that helps them succeed and pay it forward.

Through their mission to provide revolutionary virtual connections, SNJ bridges the generational divide and ensures valuable knowledge and information is passed down from one generation to another. Through their various services and events, they have positioned themselves as a leader in the promotion of success for new entrepreneurs and emerging business professionals.

SNJ Millennials is the place to learn more about success as a millennial. Begin your journey to a more prosperous future and click here.

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SOCIAL CAPITAL: Build a powerful network

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

Most of you read this newsletter because you want to become a better version of yourself, at least, to some degree. Becoming “better” and changing your outlook, behaviors, and habits is hard work. We’re not naive enough to expect you to go it alone (that’s why we’re here, duh). We encourage you to lean on others, which includes an accountability partner.

An accountability partner is someone who works to keep us in check and, dare we say, accountable. They keep you focused and committed to your goals, which is especially helpful when you feel like change is too hard, need an extra push, or someone to guide you.

If you’re trying to improve your life, an accountability partner will help you kick your bad habits, make better decisions, and remind you of your desire for success.

Types of Accountability Partners:

  • Professional counselor
  • An older person who had a similar journey (that you desire)
  • Colleague
  • Friend or family member

How to Find a Good Partner:

  • Someone with your best interests at heart
  • A motivating and positive person
  • Experience
  • Accessibility
  • Pushes you to be better

After You Find the Right Partner(s):

  • Establish guidelines
  • Employ good communication
  • Be gracious, respectful, and open to their honesty
  • Dedicate yourself to your own improvement

Life isn’t something you have to go at alone, so don’t—team-up.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Master the soft skills

Five Ways to Stretch Your Productivity

Even if you had all the time in the world (which you don’t), the goal should be to be as productive as possible. Get what you need to get done and move on with your day.

Here are five strategies for stretching your productivity:

  1. Apply “Pomodoro time” (25-minute blocks of focused work separated by short breaks). During your work blocks, put everything (laptop, phone, etc.) on silent/do not disturb.
  2. Tackle your most important task first. Try to start and finish your most critical task first when your focus is the sharpest. You’ll feel a lot better getting it out of the way and knowing that you’ve accomplished a big, important task.
  3. Delegate, delegate, delegate! Time is finite, so you’ve got to learn to be as efficient as can be. Always ask: “Can this be done by someone else?” and “Is this necessary to accomplish my goals?”.
  4. Focus on money-making tasks. Yes, admin work has to get done…eventually. But prioritize putting your time into business development, sales, and marketing because these make you money. Outsource the menial tasks that don’t generate cash.
  5. Gamify your tasks. Estimate the time a task will take to complete and set a timer. Your race against the clock will jolt you into focus.

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The New Millennial Reputation

Quandell Iglesia, SNJ Millennials Founder & President

Are you a “Millennial”? Or a Gen Z who’s continuously lumped in with the millennials? Either way, the not-so-good reputation of your gen is erased by SNJ Millennials.

SNJ Millennials is a non-profit organization focused on helping young professionals with the support, mentorship, and resources they need to achieve a higher level of success.

Finally, there’s an organization for millennials that demonstrates that they work hard and feel strongly about wanting their work to be meaningful.

So if you’re sick of the not-so-good reputation of your gen, become a part of the always-great reputation of SNJ Millennials.

To learn more about what membership entails and begin your journey to a more prosperous future, click here.

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MONEY: Become wealthy

In Case of Emergency

What exactly is an emergency fund? It’s exactly what it sounds like- a stash of cash put aside to cover unexpected financial setbacks.

It’s incredibly empowering knowing that if something were to happen, you’ve got it covered. Even though you can’t control the actual emergency, you can control how you respond to it.

Two Types of Emergency Funds:

  1. Short-term: cash-on-hand to replace a flat tire or tow your car. It’s good to have three to six months of living expenses set aside.
  2. Long-term: This is the result of saving for decades. It’s for weathering long-term scenarios or catastrophic emergencies.

Once you have your short-term fund, then you can start investing more into your long term fund.

Most importantly, both of these funds give you FINANCIAL FREEDOM. And that’s what we all want, right? So, conjure up the discipline to put away money for a rainy day and the perseverance to see it through.


A man leaves home and makes three left turns, only to return home facing two men wearing masks. Who are those two men? Answer below.

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1% BETTER: Improve each day

Register for a virtual workshop. SNJ Millennials is hosting two:

  • September 30th‬ “Virtual Impressions!”: A Virtual Professional Persona, Common Mistakes for the Virtual Employee, Zoom Etiquette, and more.
  • ‪October 14th‬ “Chat with a CEO!”: Creating, Capturing, Captivating with Tiffany Beltran, CEO of Viral VR Tours

Meeting ID: 609 451 0382

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CHALLENGE ANSWER: The person is a baseball player. The men are a catcher and an umpire.​