We’ve written about the impact a positive mindset can have on your career, relationships, and personal life. This is some great stuff, but developing and maintaining a positive mindset can’t always be properly explained in a 400-word editorial. Check out these 3 books on the topic that expand more about perfecting your mindset.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff By Richard Carlson

This book tackles the everyday things that stress us out. Throughout this read, Carlson prompts us to stop and smell the roses by appreciating the little joy that life offers. He also guides us towards controlling our emotions and keeping everything in perspective.

A Year Of Positive Thinking By Cyndie Spiegel

In this book, author Cyndie Spiegel guides you through an entire year of positive thinking through a series of affirmations, exercises, and more. Each day you will be greeted with the inspiration, wisdom, and courage you need to create and maintain a positive mindset.

The Little Book of Positivity By Lucy Lane

This book is simple, concise, and straightforward. It will provide bite-sized bits of motivation and inspiration in the form of quotes and easy to follow tips. These can be worked into your morning routine or be read at the end of a long, hard day.

We can sense your mind growing already.