Self-awareness is defined as an understanding of one’s own personality or individuality. In simple terms, it is the ability to know yourself, including your strengths, weaknesses, and the image you project out into the world every day. It is a critical component of emotional intelligence and essential in achieving any goals that involve interacting with other achievers.

We have selected three books on self-awareness that have been reviewed and approved by Book Authority, a leader in identifying and rating quality books.

“The Body Awareness Workbook For Trauma” By Dr. Julie Brown Yau, PhD

This book focuses on trauma and how holding on to a past traumatic event can impact your physical and mental health, and overall quality of life. Dr. Julie will dive deep to help you understand what past traumatic events may be holding you back from achieving happiness and your overall goals. She will also share cutting-edge advice to level out your emotions and creating new healthy habits to help you move past your traumatic experience.

“The Self Esteem Advantages” By David Michael King

This book is for anyone who worries they are not enough and has a strong desire to be better, braver, smarter, and stronger. Author David King explores the idea that we, as a society, we’re never taught to be kind to ourselves. We are so quick to tear ourselves down and slow to raise ourselves up. David will guide you through engaging with your self-esteem and provide advice on topics such as anxiety, over-thinking, self-forgiveness, learning to love, mindfulness, and much more.

“Personal Power Through Awareness” By Sanaya Roman

This book focuses on spiritual healing and the positive and negative energy you deal with every day. Sanaya Roman provides the reader with a powerful and proven process to help them recognize and clear any unwanted energy such as thoughts, beliefs, and emotions so you can stay balanced and centered. Topics covered in this best selling book include being aware of surrounding energy, not being affected by other people’s moods, listening to your intuition, changing your inner dialogue to start loving yourself, and much more.