Self-Discovery can be complicated, so we’re giving you a “Self-Discovery Double Header” by featuring it two days in a row. Talk about value. At times, what we discover can motivate us to achieve a goal or change something about our lives for the better. Starting this process can be challenging, so here are three popular movies to watch that share the theme of self-discovery while we’re all riding out the pandemic.

Eat Pray Love

Debuting in 2010 and starring Julia Roberts, the premise of the movie is that Roberts’ character Liz thought she had everything she wanted until she divorced and found herself questioning what she truly wanted. Liz’s character essentially achieves everything in life that society tells us we should strive for only to realize that it’s not what she wants for herself. This sounds familiar to a lot of us as Achievers.

Big Fish

The 2003 film earned high marks on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes with its ensemble cast. In this film, a man visits his father on his deathbed and explores the theme of not being afraid of life but instead living it to the fullest. None of us enjoy thinking about our final days, and Big Fish forces us to confront this eventuality and decide how we want to be remembered for our time on this earth.


Serendipity wasreleased in 2001 and included a robust cast, including John Cusak, Kate Beckinsale, and Jeremy Piven. The story begins when Cusak and Beckinsale’s characters accidentally meet in an NYC department store. The pair spend the evening together and decide that fate will bring them back together if they’re meant to be together. On the surface, it’s a simple rom-com. As the film progresses, however, it dives deeper into the difference between settling for something good or chasing something great.