As America continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, companies will continue to allow their teams to work remotely for the foreseeable future. This means that virtual meetings are here to stay. On paper, transferring a meeting from in-person, to over the internet seems simple. However, as we have learned, this transition can be a bit bumpy.

Here are three tips for hosting better virtual meetings.

  1. Log On Early: We suggest logging into a meeting at least 5 minutes early for a few reasons. First, there is always a chance of a random software update that will delay you from entering. Second, this gives you a chance to test your mic and confirm that it’s working. Lastly, it allows you to check your camera and confirm your overall presentation looks professional.
  2. Mute Your Microphone: Unless you are hosting the meeting, please keep your microphone on mute. Even if your surroundings are quiet at the moment, you never know when your phone will go off, the landscapers will arrive, or a family member will start making noise. Keep your cursor over the microphone so you can mute yourself quickly when asked a question.
  3. Record The Meeting: Most platforms allow you to record your meetings as they happen. This is important in case someone’s internet connection drops out or they get pulled away to deal with an issue in their home. If someone cannot make the meeting, you can send them the recording to catch them up. Be sure to notify all participants that the session is being recorded before it starts.