Raise your hand if you ever worried about work while on vacation. We assume almost all of our readers are raising their hands. Even though vacation is meant to be therapeutic and relaxing, we end up worrying about what we are missing and what mess we might come back to when we return. While we cannot stop you from thinking about work, here are three ways to help you worry less and enjoy your vacation.

  1. Schedule A Detailed Out Of Office Message: Out of office messages are common but often lacking in detail. Instead of leaving the name of one contact, break it down based on the topic. List out everything you are responsible for and the person to contact that would most likely be able to help. This will make sure nothing falls through the cracks, and everyone gets the answers they need.
  2. Schedule Meetings With Your Team Members: Sit down with each team member, including your boss, before your vacation. Make sure everyone understands what they are responsible for covering when you are gone. Also, ask each person if they have any questions you can answer or concerns you can address before you leave.
  3. Create A Vacation Handover Document: Create and distribute a document that outlines the status of each project in progress. It should also list out your daily and weekly tasks, who is responsible for them in your absence, and how to complete them. Lastly, leave the contact information of anyone outside the company you speak to regularly in case something comes up.