Believe it or not, you see your co-workers more often than you see most of your family. They might not be your friends, but they are important people in your life. While you might be hesitant to join the team happy hour or accept a Facebook request, you must do your part to strengthen your relationships with your fellow employees.

  1. Ask Non-Work Questions: It’s easy to start all work conversations with a question or request. Next time, try asking your co-worker how their weekend was or how their family is doing. The next time you show up early to a meeting, instead of playing around on your phone, strike up a conversation with another employee while waiting. Make it a point to learn something personal about each co-worker you communicate with regularly.
  2. Offer To Help Others: It’s easy to pull the “not my job” card when we see someone else struggling. However, allowing someone to fail only hurts the company and usually makes your job harder. You see a problem you can solve; you should actively offer your advice. Your co-workers will appreciate your effort and remember when you went out of your walk to help them. This also presents you as a team player and someone that others can come to for advice.
  3. Ask For Help: Sometimes, we refrain from asking for help to avoid being seen as weak. If our boss sees us struggling, they may no longer trust us with important tasks. However, going down the wrong path will only result in more work for you and aggravation for everyone else. By asking for help, you show everyone you will not let your ego and pride get in the way of what’s best for the team.

It’s very easy to get stuck in the daily grind and forget that our co-workers are real people. They are vital to your success and the success of the company. It is your responsibility to ensure that your relationships with them are strong. This mindset will position you as a leader and set you up to achieve all of your professional goals.