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Do you ever feel stuck in your career? Nothing is exactly wrong per se, yet you feel like something is not right. Perhaps you have been doing the same thing for several years or just don’t feel the passion and fire you once had. Regardless, you feel it’s time to jump-start your career and take things to the next level. Here are three quick but useful tips for doing just that.

  1. Pitch An Idea or Project: Instead of waiting around for your next assignment, create one for yourself. Examine the current state of your department or company. What could be improved upon? Better yet, what project has been sitting in neutral for too long? Pitch your new idea to your boss and give yourself something new and fresh to get excited about.
  2. Invest In Professional Development: If your day job isn’t teaching you what you want to learn, take the initiative, and do it yourself. Invest in a professional development course that will teach you a new skill that you can apply to your work. This could be a soft skill like leadership or a hard skill like a software program that your team often uses.
  3. Search The Job Market: To be clear, this is different from finding a new job. Searching the job market means looking at what the next rung of the ladder looks like for someone in your position. Figure out what companies are looking for and then create a plan to acquire those new skills.

Getting stuck in your career is not your fault. Staying stuck because you refused to take action? Well, that’s a different story.