One of the reasons people hesitate to start a business or side hustle is the perceived amount of money they think it will cost them. You may have a great idea, but when you start thinking about everything that goes into making it a reality, you get overwhelmed and never start. While it is true that your new venture will require some type of investment, several tools offer a free version to get you started.

Website: WordPress

When starting out, all your website needs to do is tell people who you are, what you do, and how to purchase whatever you are selling. WordPress offers hundreds of free templates to help you do this.

E-Mail: MailChimp

Your e-mail marketing campaign should include a monthly newsletter updating your customers on events, happenings, discounts, and product launches. MailChimp’s free version is more than capable of doing this for you.

Payment Software: GumRoad

Whatever it is that you are selling, you need a way to get paid. GumRoad is an ideal platform to describe and sell your products or services with ease. You can utilize their free version until you begin making sales and turning a profit.

Project Management:

To kick off that first project with your team and partners, all you need is a project management software that assigns tasks and tracks projects. will keep everyone on the same page while you work towards profitability.