Self-development based podcasts are a gold mine of information for you to become a better worker, leader, and person. They provide you with insights into how the world’s most successful people operate daily. You can learn tips and tricks to improve various aspects of your life, such as time management, communication, organization, overcoming adversity, being creative, and much more. Here’s 5 of them to get you started:

  1. Impact Theory hosted by Tom Bilyeu. Tom interviews some of the world’s highest achievers to provide the listener with extensive knowledge and value.
  2. The Good Life Project hosted by Jonathan Fields. This podcast focuses on interviewing those you can teach you their views and methods integrating more meaning, connection, and love into your life.
  3. London Real hosted by Brian Rose. Each week they interview a high achiever and discuss their thoughts on how to be successful, healthy, wealthy, and happy.
  4. The Robin Sharma Mastery Sessions hosted by Robin Sharma (shocker). Robin Sharma is a published author and leadership speaker who analyzes the habits, rituals, and practices of the world’s top 5% of performers.
  5. The Mindvalley Podcast hosted by Vishen Lakhiani. This podcast focuses on personal transformation by collecting a variety of insight and inspiration from the world’s top teachers and thought leaders.