1. Forgive Yourself Often. When you get caught up in self-blame, pause, and think about how you react to the same situation with a friend. Forgive yourself for making that mistake, eating too much cake, or being especially lazy. Get over it and move forward.
  2. Take Care of Your Physical Health. This looks different to everyone. It could mean taking a walk around the neighborhood, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, lifting weights, or doing yoga. Whatever it is, use your bad energy and get moving. You’ll replenish yourself with good energy.
  3. Nourish and Treat Yourself. When we’re down or stressed, one of the first things to go out of the window is our nutrition. We either don’t eat enough or we overeat, and it’s usually never with leafy greens. Schedule a time to treat yourself and make it feel special.
  4. Seek Out a Therapist. Sometimes it’s great to talk to someone that you don’t have a connection with and aren’t afraid of shame or sharing. Often, the act of talking helps you discover what’s up in the first place. Go once or keep going. You’ll decide what feels right for you.
  5. Buy Yourself Flowers. Cliche or not, seeing flowers on your desk or table will certainly bring a smile to your face. Bonus: because you’re buying them for yourself, you can get what you actually want.
  6. Give Yourself a Break. Schedule time for you- to get a manicure, play some golf, and have Sunday dinner with your family. The free time recharges you.
  7. Meditate, Pray, or Practice Mindfulness. There are so many apps for meditation, prayer, mindfulness, etc. Find something that you can stick to doing consistently. To commit yourself to spend ten minutes each day to think about how you truly feel, who you are, and what you’re grateful for will help you get into the right frame of mind for the day.
  8. Give Yourself Recognition. You’ve probably accomplished a lot in life; you just have to sit down and think about it. A roof over your head? Kids (furry or otherwise) that love you? Being able to cook pasta? A new career opportunity? Little or big, these are all accomplishments. Don’t let them go unnoticed.