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June 11, 2020

Good morning, Achiever!

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” Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is. “

– Vince Lombardi

ADVENTURE & LIFESTYLE: Live the life you want

3 Lifestyle Changes for Starting Your Own Business

The idea of starting your own side hustle or business can be very exciting. You have the product in mind and are ready to start making extra income from it. In past editorials, we have talked about the various things you will need, including marketing materials, sales strategies, financial and legal help, amongst other things.

However, one of the things that often gets overlooked when talking about starting your own venture is the sacrifices you will have to make. Assuming you are tackling this task while still at your full-time job, there are things about your lifestyle that will need to change. It is the only way to accommodate these new tasks and responsibilities. So, if you are serious about this, here are three lifestyle changes you will need to look into making.

  1. Cut Back On The Drinking and Going Out. Starting a business of any size is going to cut into your free time. It will also require you at times to wake up earlier and be on your game more often. For example, you may not work on Friday night, but you will need to be up early on Saturday to get work done. If you go out drinking with your friends until 1 am, it will be nearly impossible to give your new venture the energy and attention it deserves.
  2. Working Nights and Weekends. It’s easy to be energized and motivated during normal work hours. However, what most new entrepreneurs do not calculate is the amount of work that will need to be done outside those normal hours. Netflix and sleeping in will be replaced with late nights and early mornings of hard work.
  3. Spending Time With Family and Friends. Now, no one is saying that you need to ghost your family and friends completely. Time with people you care about is important. However, you may not be able to attend every function you are invited too. Especially the spur of the moment hangouts with your friends. Before you start, make a list of what types of events you can miss and which ones you refuse to.

ACHIEVERS’ ARMORY: Equip yourself with proven tools & tactics

Teal – Achieve Your Fulfilling Career

In my 10+ years working in corporate America, I have learned that too many people lack passion for the work they do. Most of them never thought about things like passion and purpose when they graduated from college. They developed a mindset that they had to just get a job, any job, and figure the rest out later. The result is thousands, if not millions of people who go to work every day lacking real purpose or direction. Teal hopes to change all of that.

Teal is a service that focuses on helping you build a meaningful career. It was born out of a need to provide support and community to the unemployed and those seeking a significant career change. Unlike other platforms, Teal does much more than just find you a job. They aim to be your partner and offer you services that stay with you throughout your entire career.

Teal services are designed to provide you with individualized support as you search for a job. This includes one on one coaching, group workshops, mentorship, creating a plan, resume coaching, interview support, salary negotiation, and much more. They will be there each step of the way, helping you not only get a new job, but also build a career that you will enjoy.

To learn more, visit

SELF-DISCOVERY: Unleash the Achiever within

Happy or Just Comfortable?

Are you happy? That’s a loaded question and probably too complicated to cover in one editorial. So, instead, I will put it in a different way. When it comes to the life you are living, would you say that you are generally happy or just comfortable? You may think that being comfortable leads to being happy, but that is not always the case. Here are a few examples to help illustrate my point and get you thinking.

Your Job
You’ve been there for a few years, you know all the processes, and you like your co-workers. This makes you feel in control because you know what’s coming each day. You are comfortable. However, do you genuinely enjoy your job? Are you making the type of impact that you want to make?

Your Relationship
You’ve been with someone for an extended period. You’ve met each other’s families, taken vacations together, and talked about taking the next steps. You know that person will always be there. It’s a comforting feeling to have a significant other as you get older, and everyone seems to pair off. However, do you feel a strong connection to that person? Do you enjoy being around them? Do they make you happy or annoyed most of the time?

Your Spare Time
No matter how busy we are, we all have some amount of free time. Some people spend it on their phone or watching Netflix. This makes sense because it requires little effort. That being said, how do you feel after your third straight day of binge-watching? It’s easy, so it’s comfortable, but is it providing real joy? Is there something else you could be doing that might be more challenging but will ultimately provide that satisfaction you might be missing?

As humans, we like to be comfortable, but that sometimes comes at a cost. If you are feeling sad, irritable, or that something is just missing, examine the various areas of your life. Ask yourself: Am I happy the way things are going here, or am I just comfortable enough not to change?

HEALTH & WELLNESS: Stay healthy in the hustle

A Stare Down with Your Emotional Problems & Past – What is EMDR therapy?

EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. It is a therapy proven to help reduce symptoms related to depression, trauma and PTSD, anxiety, addictions, and phobias.

How EMDR works:

EMDR has a direct effect on how the brain processes information, releasing emotional experiences that are trapped in the nervous system.

A trained therapist works with you to recall a disturbing thought, feeling, or memory. Then comes bilateral stimulation. Bilateral stimulation is like watching a ping-pong game, back and forth. It is something that occurs in a moving side-to-side pattern; for example, moving your eyes from left to right.

The disturbing memories are reprocessed by the brain, resulting in painful feelings being exchanged for more resolved, peaceful feelings. Hindsight is really 20/20.

The results:

Research shows a success rate for EMDR in the treatment of 80-90 % of PTSD in up to half the time of talk therapy (or cognitive behavioral therapy).

Check out this TED Talk about EMDR to learn more.

MONEY: Become wealthy

Cheat Sheet Words for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Gross Income: your income BEFORE expenses or taxes (Revenue)

Net Income: What your business earned AFTER your expenses (Profit)

Expense: Anything you pay for that is necessary for your business to operate (Deduction, Write-off)

Owner’s Draw: What you take out of your business for personal use (used for sole proprietorships) a.k.a member distributions in an LLC or Shareholder distributions in a S-Corp

Liability: Debt that you owe, which can be short-term or long term (Debt, Payable)

Receivable: Anything that is owed to you.


Can you make the value 100 by interspersing any number of pluses and minuses within the string of digits 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1? You can’t change the order of the digits! What’s the least number of pluses and minuses needed to make 100?

Answer below.

NEWS BREAK: Stay informed

  • Starbucks is closing up to 400 company-operated stores over the next 18 months in conjunction with the opening, over time, of a greater number of new, repositioned carryout and pick-up only locations.
  • More than 1,000 professional athletes ask Congress to end police immunity.
  • The Federal Reserve projects interest rates will remain near zero through 2022.


Identify one area of your life where you are more comfortable than happy (RE: Self Discovery)

Answer: 98 – 76 + 54 + 3 + 21 = 100