About 10 years ago, Jeanne David and her husband were put on a diet of protein, fruits, and vegetables by their doctor. They saw a massive change in their bodies and minds and felt really great.

She saw a cauliflower-based pizza crust on Pinterest and thought, “If I could just get this in bread form.”

After doing tons of research, a little nudging from their sons, and 80 iterations of the cauliflower bread recipe later, a California-based maker of cauliflower pizza crusts and sandwich thins called Outer Aisle was born.

It’s a family affair. The youngest son handles operations as the company is its own manufacturer. Their oldest son, an MBA student working in M & A, helps a lot on the finance side and raised capital. The other son is in commercial insurance, so he manages company risk. Each has an ownership interest in the company.

Jeanne’s husband works full time as the general counsel and president.

They’re all eating in the success with $11 million in 2019 revenue and a three-year growth rate of more than 5,000 percent.

Surely, if cauliflower can become pizza (and bread!), you can accomplish anything.