So because a game wasn't to your liking, you expect to get a refund? Not that the game was unplayable, or that the game was. Refund request for digital content purchased through a Nintendo Shop Channel. (For example, incorrect game or DLC was downloaded, content was. In addition, many websites make reviews available of games which you can use to make.

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Can I Get A Refund On A Digital Download Pc

3 years ago

Can I Get A Refund On A Digital Download Pc

Does anyone know how to get a refund on a Digital Game?

I absolutely can not stand Black Ops 3. The lag camp and bullet reg is terrible. I haven't had the game more then 2 or 3 weeks. Any way to get my money back? Thanks for any help or consideration!
Edit: Thanks for the input (and the smart ass comments) I'm just used to always buying physical game from gamestop and having trade in credit-- kill me for thinking all services provide the same options and customer support.

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