For denominations $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100, the note has a letter and number designation that corresponds to one of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks. The letter of each indicator matches the second letter of the serial number on the note. Government estimates that less than 1/100 of 1 percent (that is, 0.01%), of U.S. Paper currency in circulation is counterfeit. Considering recent advances in printing technology and the obviously vast incentive to counterfeit bills, that is a small number. Feb 9, 2017 - When it comes to dollar bills, the serial number printed on the bill could turn a. Is currently selling bills for anywhere from $100 to over $2,500.

Published 2:49 PM EDT Oct 7, 2013

We are a couple of weeks away from getting our newly designed $100 bills, and when they arrive on October 8, some will actually be worth $1,000 ... or more.

Check 100 Dollar Bill Serial Number Free

No, the government isn't slipping in an extra zero. But it is including, as always, an eight-digit serial number. And as the Boston Globe explains, currency collectors will pay big if the numbers are 'fancy.' That's the collectors' term, not the Globe's, for serial numbers that fall in a number of categories: there are 'low' (00000001 through 00000100), 'ladders' (43210987), 'radar' (43788734), 'solids' (33333333), and 'repeaters' (82118211). Then there are random ones: 31415927 (pi) or 07041776 (read that as 07/04/1776).


The low number ones are among the most valuable, with new $100 bills with 00000001 expected to sell for as much as $15,000. (Before the serial number you'll see one or two letters; these indicate which Federal Reserve bank issued it. As such, there can be more than one bill in any denomination with the same serial number in a given year.)

So how do you get your hands on one? It helps if you have friends in high and very secure places. Bank employees, especially vault workers, are typically able to swap out a normal bill for a fancy one, says the director of currency of a Dallas auction house, and since bricks of money are marked with the serial number range, they can spot the bills fairly easily.

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Published 2:49 PM EDT Oct 7, 2013
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Using this application it is much easier to check if a dollar note is genuine. When you enter serial number, value and series, application checks if given combination make sense, and if so, it shows what properties you should check to make shure that note is genuine. If given combination does not make sense, application will tell you what is wrong with your entry. Application supports series from 1969 up to newest (currently 2013).
It is known that even the cash machines can not uncover high-quality forgeries, but such forgeries do not always have the correct serial number, and in this case this application can detect such counterfeits. Simple counterfeit such as photocopies are easily discovered because they have not all the necessary security elements – and this is reason why application suggest that you should check other security elements - the application even gives precise what you should check, but also contains a database of valid serial number ranges and it is sufficient to detect even high-quality counterfeits that pass check cash machines, if serial is wrong.
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100 Dollar Bill Values By Serial Number

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