Webinars are an excellent tool for acquiring leads, increasing brand awareness, and selling your products or services. Deciding how to structure your information, what to focus on, and how to achieve your desired outcome can be tricky and overwhelming. Below is an easy 5-step process for creating your first webinar.

  1. Determining Your Audience: Who are you creating your webinar for? Think about your audience in terms of age, gender, job title, and anything else that will help you organize your information correctly. Each attendee can be required to sign up via an email address before gaining access.
  2. Decide The Objective: Why are you hosting your webinar? Are you introducing your brand to a new audience, or are you showcasing a new product or service to your existing customers?
  3. Provide Value For Free: Someone attending your webinar should feel like it was worth their time regardless of whether they bought something. What kind of valuable information can you give away that isn’t depending on your attendees’ actions afterward?
  4. Decide The Outcome: What type of action do you want the attendee to take? If you want them to buy a new product or service, you may want to offer a discount to those who attended. We love this idea in particular as it encourages interaction.
  5. Follow Up: After your presentation, prepare a professional-looking email to send to everyone who signed up for the webinar. This email should include a thank you note, a recording of the webinar, a reminder about the special offer, and the next time you’re hosting a webinar.