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  • There is a tutorial for new features in PSP version in the Extra menu. So please check it out as well.
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Known Issues

  • Cannot find system data

If you play the game for the first time, you will get a 'Cannot find system data.' screen. Just select 'No' and you can continue to play the game.
Thanks to ExoticPoison17 from YouTube for reporting this.

  • Black screen after starting a new game

You might have to delete your old save data to get it to work. (Don't forget to backup your save data somewhere in case you might need it.)

Thanks to Fane from GBATemp forum for reporting this.

  • Problem with Kanji input

Because of the technical problem for text in this game, some of the Kanji's are used for dual-tile font. So not all the Kanji's are available to use.

  • Missing buttons during Approach Mode

Note: This problem is already fixed in patch version 1.00.

Sometimes when you get in an Approach Mode during a date or a 3P date, the skinship buttons disappears. This is a bug that we still cannot fix. The problem seems to occur randomly even from the same save file. You can save before going on a date, and if you encounter this problem, just reload your save. Or you can continue playing by guessing the buttons you need to press.

Thanks to Ayatome from GBATemp for reporting this.

(The above pic is the scene when you have problem with missing buttons.)

(This is what it's supposed to look like.)

  • Names being cut off

When you select some characters' names, some of the names are cut. The names only got cut in the selection screen, they will display correctly in the dialog box so don't worry about it.
Note: Hanasubaki- will be displayed as Hanasubaki-san, and Shitara-semp as Shitara-sempai in normal dialogs.

  • Scrolling text being cut off

When you have a lot of things scheduled, sometimes the scrolling text in the calendar is cut off. We temporary fixed the problem by making the calendar items shorter, but this problem might still occur especially when you have a 3P Date.
  • Chocolate mini-game

Note: This problem is already fixed in the latest version of PPSSPP (v. 1.00 and later.)

Chocolate mini-game will not display correctly if you play with emulator. (This problem is found in the original game in both PPSSPP and JPCSP.) You shouldn't find this problem if you play the game on PSP.
You can press x button to return the first topping and then continue. That way you can see the base chocolate with no problem. (Thanks to zroar from GBATemp for this trick.)

Some cheat codes will cause black screen when you load the game so use them at your own risk. (If you apply cheat codes and the game won't load, try to turn the codes off and see if that fixes it. Some codes don't work with the English patch.)

Translator's Notes

* I am not very good with reading and translating narration, so the text in ADV mode might have a lot of mistakes. If you have suggestions for better translation, please feel free to let me know. *

- Onii-chan, Onii-san, Nii-chan, Nii-san = Older brother

- Onee-chan, Onee-san, Nee-chan, Nee-san = Older sister. Sometimes guys (usually delinquents or skirt chasers in this game) call women this way, too.

- B dash : In some old console games, you hold B button and a directional pad when you want a character to dash.

- Camellia : One of the choices for Karen's nickname comes from her last name Hanatsubaki which means camellia.

- Yamaarashi : One of Fujiyama Arashi's nicknames is Yamaarashi. It's written as ヤマアラシ in Japanese so I assumed it's the word that means porcupine (山荒). But it could also mean 山嵐 (Yama Arashi) which is a judo technique. In the end, I left the name as Yamaarashi.

- SR, SR400 = Ruka and Kouichi's motorcycle. (From Yamaha SR400.)

- Rich = Fictional currency in this game. However, in some conversations, the game also mentioned yen which I kept it as is even though I thought it was the scriptwriter's mistake.

- MANAKA(fashion item): Takane Manaka is one of the main characters in Konami's game Love Plus series. She usually wears a white ribbon. That's why the white ribbon item is called MANAKA.

- SHIORI(fashion item): Fujisaki Shiori is one of the main characters in Konami's game Tokimeki Memorial. She always wears a yellow headband. So, the yellow headband item is called SHIORI.

- TONGARI(fashion item): It means pointed hat and Tongari Boushi to Mahou no 365 Nichi is one of Konami's popular games. (It is localized as Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times in the U.S. and Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry in Europe.)

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Criminal Girl Psp Iso Download English Free

How Niina calls Bambi. Especially in the ADV events. Sometimes he calls her with -san and sometimes with -chan. He calls her with -san when he talks directly to her and when he's not quite close to her yet. But if he thinks about her or after he gets close to her, he'll use -chan.

Criminal Girls English Psp

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