I (Kyle) have a frame in my office that says, “Do More Of What Makes You Happy,” sitting right next to my computer. I see this phrase often on social media. It sounds great, but it’s a little more complicated than you think. After all, if I always did what made me happy, I would be too busy eating chicken wings and watching Netflix to write this newsletter.

This phrase is actually talking about discovering what brings you positive feelings in the various aspects of your life. For example, what makes you feel your best? Is it helping people or solving problems? Perhaps, you are at your happiest when you know you did your absolute best on something. Whatever it is, you should do more of it.

The same goes for activities and hobbies. If you enjoy working out, it should be a top priority when setting your schedule for the week. If seeing family and friends is essential to you, you should never let a busy schedule or being too tired, stop you from setting up and sticking to the plans you’ve made.

Let’s put this another way. Creating content that makes an impact makes me very happy. Therefore, I helped co-found this newsletter and started my own copywriting business. I am continually working towards creating a career where I can do more content creation than anything else. Why? Because it leaves me satisfied and fulfilled. Which is a different type of “happy” as opposed to the feeling I get when my DoorDash order arrives, and there’s a new season of Shameless queued up on Netflix.