hey guys, thanks for the quick reply!
im not exactly sure what it is. My motherboard a Gigabyte S series, and the Ethernet card (i'm pretty sure) is made by NVIDIA. My computer was custom built by a friend so I don't have the Make/Model.
My Motherboard came with 2 disks with drivers, the first says NVIDIA GeForce 6100/nForce.It has the drivers for Audio, Network, and Serial ATA on them, however it is made for Vista and I tried to install them, it didnt' work.
The Second has Drivers for NVIDIA Chipset, Serial ATA, RAID, Network and Audio. However this is made for Vista as well.
I switched over to WinSeven from WinXP, so I have the OS CD's for Windows XP Professinal as well as Home edition. I could access a Vista CD from school too if that helps, Orbital Shark asked. Thanks again for the quick replies and let me know if you need more information, I will try to obtain it.
EDIT: I am posting here from my laptop, so I do have the ability to access the internet to download the drivers when I know where and how.

Network Controller No Driver Found


No Network Controller Driver

The most common Realtek network problems are the driver-related issues, including Realtek Ethernet driver not found, not working or not installing. Getting the correct Realtek Ethernet driver (or the correct Realtek WiFi driver) is the key to solve the Realtek network driver problems and regain good Internet connection on Windows PC.

Using model Satellite P70-A PSPLPC-01Y007, a windows 8.1 toshiba laptop, and I have noticed that my ethernet driver is missing. It does not appear in network connections, and there is no driver in the device manager that seems to be for it.
The 3 network adapters are a wireless network adapter, and two bluetooth device ones, neither of which sound like they would be used for an ethernet connection.
I have tried the various troubleshooters that do not detect a problem, I have verified that the cable works on other computers, and the router is also fine. I have also tried to download drivers from the toshiba site, but the only one I could find for 8.1 for lan didn't seem to install correctly or have any noticeable effect.
A system refresh is probably not an option, since I was having issues with this since at least half a year ago. One day the ethernet stopped working and I just assumed that it was the shoddy tech where I had set up and didn't think anything of it until yesterday, where I realised that it was a problem. I don't remember when it started having problems though, I can only guess.
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