Our mindset is a great predictor of whether we can learn, change, and grow. Our mindset is a spectrum ranging from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Fixed Mindset

  • Abilities, intelligence, and talents are all traits we’re born with
  • Obstruct development through the belief of innate talent
  • Failure is a disaster
  • Limits capabilities

Growth Mindset

  • Talents and abilities developed through effort, teaching, and practice.
  • Anyone can improve and be smarter through hard work.
  • Open to new ideas.
  • See failures as learning opportunities.

Life is a journey of growth–from relationships we have to careers we want to build, and to developing ourselves into the best possible version–the only way to shine is to keep growing, learning, and improving. The one constant thing is change! So you must be able to ride the dark tides, roll with the good ones, and continue to reach new depths of greatness. Your mindset is a great place to start.