Your comfort zone is where you feel safe and in control. Just outside of your comfort zone are the things you fear. In the fear zone, you lack self-confidence, find excuses not to do something, and are affected by others’ opinions. The trouble is that the fear zone is a wall that blocks you from getting out of the comfort zone. Acknowledge the presence of your fear and make it conscious. Remove fear’s power over you and gain control over it. Identify the specific anxiety or fears you have. Once you identify the fear, it is easier to find solutions to it.

Once you get out of your comfort and fear zones, you enter the learning zone. The learning zone is when you can deal with challenges and problems, acquire new skills, and expand your comfort zone into new territories. The learning zone is inextricably connected to your growth zone. As you are learning, you are finding purpose, living your dreams and discovering new ones, conquering old goals, and setting new ones.

The growth zone always places you back into your comfort zone, though now newly expanded. There will be new comforts, new fears, more learning, and never-ending growth. You will become more and more comfortable with growth and change and, ultimately, transform.