Addiction is bad, isn’t it? Most of us think addiction is terrible because often, the word is associated with adverse outcomes (and meetings in church basements). The strict definition of addiction refers to chemical changes within the brain that cause or result in excessive use of something, typically leading to damage in some form. How could this possibly be good?

You’re familiar with addicts of drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, and we’re sure things we haven’t even heard of, but an addiction to greatness? We haven’t found this in any medical journals, but we think it could be useful, just the same. Addiction becomes a lifestyle for most, and we’re not here to trivialize true addiction but to get you thinking about the positive feeling, the “high” to achieving greatness in your lifestyle.

You don’t have to accomplish wildly fantastic goals and monumental tasks to be “great.” You can achieve this in the daily living of a 9-5 in the same way you can build your brand. There’s a sense of accomplishment, excitement, and a thrill to that feeling of producing something of higher quality. You begin to feel great yourself. The more you get that high of doing just a small fraction better, you start that upward spiral of success and achievement.

Many of us fall into the trap of the opposite of “good enough.” Next time you hear this voice within you, answer: “Not until it’s great enough.” Greatness can be a lifestyle. Make it yours.