Personal development training is becoming increasingly popular among employees who want to increase their value and expand their knowledge. Professionals are often prevented from taking these types of training due to the price tag attached. However, an argument can be made that if a company is going to benefit from your training, then they should be willing to cover the cost.

Here are five easy steps to get your company to cover part or all of your Personal Development Training cost.

  1. Choose Your Skill: Choose the one skill you want to learn that can be directly applied to your current role.
  2. Select A Reputable Platform: You are more likely to have your training approved if it hosted by a well-known company
  3. Give Examples On How The Training Will Benefit The Company: Show your manager the specific ways the company will benefit by you learning this new skill.
  4. Lay Out Outcomes and Milestones: For more expensive training, present specific outcomes and milestones, the company can expect to calculate their ROI.
  5. Present Your Why: In closing, remind them that you are taking this training to be a more valuable employee and benefit the company’s overall success.