Are you happy? That’s a loaded question and probably too complicated to cover in one editorial. So, instead, I will put it differently. When it comes to the life you are living, would you say that you are generally happy or just comfortable? You may think that being comfortable leads to being happy, but that is not always the case. Here are a few examples to help illustrate my point and get you thinking.

  • Your Job: You’ve been there for a few years, you know all the processes, and you like your co-workers. This makes you feel in control because you know what’s coming each day. You are comfortable. However, do you genuinely enjoy your job? Are you making the type of impact that you want to make?
  • Your Relationship: You’ve been with someone for an extended period. You’ve met each other’s families, taken vacations together, and talked about taking the next steps. You know that person will always be there. It’s a comforting feeling to have a significant other as you get older, and everyone seems to pair off. However, do you feel a strong connection to that person? Do you enjoy being around them? Do they make you happy or annoyed most of the time?
  • Your Spare Time: No matter how busy we are, we all have free time, even if it’s only a little. Some people spend it on their phone or watching Netflix, requiring little effort. How do you feel after your third straight day of binge-watching? It’s easy, so it’s comfortable, but is it providing real joy? Is there something else you could be doing that might be more challenging but will ultimately provide that satisfaction you might be missing?

As humans, we like to be comfortable, but that sometimes comes at a cost. If you feel sad, irritable, or that something is missing, examine the various areas of your life. Ask yourself: Am I happy the way things are going here, or am I just comfortable enough not to change?