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MAKE SURE: You have Hill Climb closed out by tapping the home button twice. Slide it straight up and it should disappear.
Note: If you don't close out the game, it will not work.

Step 1: Download the Hack File Here on Dropbox (No Account Needed)...

Download the 'Documents' file.

Step 2: Download IFunBox If You Haven't Already...

iFunBox is the main part of the process other than the hack file.

Step 3: After Downloading Everything...

Launch iFunBox.

Step 4: Click on Your Device Name.

Scroll through your apps until you find Hill Climb

Step 5: Now That You See the Files Within Hill Climb...Delete 'Documents' File.

Step 6: Now Drag the 'Documents' File That You Downloaded to Where the Other One Was...

Step 7: Go on Your IPhone and Open Hill Climb.

Check the levels. All of them should be unlocked.
Check the cars. All of them should be unlocked. (As of 12/28/13)
If there has been an since 12/28/13, its fine. There's enough coins on this hack to last a LONG time. But until another update comes out, you won't need coins! :)
Now, your coins should be like 980836770.

Step 8: You've Now Hacked Hill Climb.



Looking for some rugged car action game? Get ready for an extraordinary car racing game and play Hill Climb Racing online.

Hack Hill Climb Racing Windows

Join Newton Bill, a young uphill racer, in his quest to challenge the laws of physics and complete his mission to climb the highest hills on the moon. Drive the coolest buggies, trucks, jeeps, and other crazy vehicles in this hill climb racing adventure. Conquer the roughest tracks you can ever race. Climb on steep and challenging stages and aim to top your highest score in this racing games unblocked.

Hill Climb Racing Hack No Survey

Hill Climb Racing game is an addictive physics-based racing game developed by Fingersoft. Play a whole new racing game for free on your PC.

How long can you last in the tracks without breaking your neck? Find out and download Hill Climb Racing for free here on and revolutionize your PC gaming experience.

Hill Climb Racing Game Features:

Strategy Game

Hill Climb Racing is a highly strategic game as you control both acceleration and brakes to make it through the toughest stage. You might be thinking that it is just an easy casual game. But if you’re not used to physics-based games, it will be a tedious gameplay for you. You just have to be patient in knowing the tricks of the game. Once you get the gist of its gameplay, it will get to be addicting as you try to reach for a higher score.

Overcome 30 creatively crafted tracks or stages

From the curvy hills of Country Stage to crampy Cave stage and the stunning changes of seasons in Season stage, Hill Climb Racing fields can be as crazy as a Ragnarok-inspired arena.

Each stage will have its unique obstacles and difficulty for you to uncover. To rock the stage, you must know elements that you need to carefully consider so you can drive the farthest distance. It can be the racing field itself, your vehicle choice perhaps and its vehicle boost, or maybe just your agility in controlling both the acceleration and brake pedals.

Earn more coins to unlock 30 and more upcoming stages to enjoy a colorful and challenging game.

Knock Off the Daily Challenge Arena

Hill Climb Racing online features a daily challenge that you can play to enjoy and see how far you have mastered its gameplay. It will cost you at least two to four gems to enter this stage. Once you take on the challenge, it will not be easy as you have not mastered its terrain and it’s a lot difficult than the main stages. But once you have conquered the farthest reach of its stage, the reward is great. You get in-game coins and some more gems for more stages to unlock and boosts to try.

More Vehicles to Choose From

Hill Climb Racing has the coolest and craziest vehicles you can choose to ride in the game. From a simple jeep and dirt bike to a cool trophy truck, buggy, and low rider. Until the craziest hippy van, tour bus and a tank. Unlock all 32 vehicles plus more additions soon.

Tune-up your Ride

Power up your vehicle’s performance to increase your chances of going further distance than your usual. Upgrade its horsepower, suspension, tire performance, and all-wheel traction control. Each upgrade cost game coins so gain more coins as you will need the extra boost for the challenging stages.


You can even customize your vehicle with the garage option and get cool extra parts and kits as you earn more game coins.

Epic screen capture sharing

Share your epic fail and achievement with the in-game screenshot feature. These epic screen capture can now be shared easily with the share buttons below it. Play Hill Climb Racing online where you can post it through your Twitter, Google plus or Facebook account.

Hill Climb Racing Tips and Tricks:

Earning more coins

If your game coins aren’t enough to unlock a stage, new vehicles or boosts, you can go watch in-game ads. These ads are just usually 30 seconds short and will not hurt your time if the rewards are what you’ve been after in the first place.

Racing stunts

Hill Climb Racing game isn’t just all racing and overcoming hills, it also boasts racing stunts that you can do while racing in stages to get more rewards like game coins. You can do a basic flip, backflip and airtime tricks. And if the race goes down the drain, a neck flip rewards you more game coins perhaps for the rider’s insurance.

Connect with Facebook

Connect your Hill Climb Racing game with your Facebook account and earn more game coins. All you have to do is go to the Shop menu and click the Facebook icon on the right side of your game screen. Once your account is connected, you’ll be routed to Fingersoft official Facebook page. Click like and follow Hill Climb Racing fun extras and updates.

Game Mission

You can earn more coins and unlock more game features through Climb Hill Racing missions. You can earn game coins, gems and even unlock more game features. You can see these game missions on the Trophy icon to view missions to complete.

Achievements Info

If you are unsure of what vehicles to use, try checking your achievements on the Trophy icon and compare which scored best and in what stage. In this way, you can then compare each vehicles’ performance according to its terrain.

Are you excited enough to try this game? Test yourself and challenge the laws of physics and download Hill Climb Racing for free!

Get your engines started and play other fun car games, do check out Need for Speed™ No Limits and Donuts Drift!

Get ready to play!

Follow these easy steps to complete
your Hill Climb Racing installation.

Click the downloaded file at the bottom of your screen.
Click 'Yes' on the system dialog window to start of your game installation.
Once download is completed, the game will start automatically.

AHill climb Racing


AHill climb Racing

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Hill Climb Racing Hack Apk


Hill Climb Racing Game

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