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Gun Parts for Hopkins & Allen

Hopkins & Allen Arms Company was an American gun manufacturer based in Norwich, Connecticut. This firearms company was founded in 1868, and in 1916, the company was purchased by Marlin Rockwell. Find accessories, different models, and parts you need for your vintage gun.

What categories of guns are available?

Before Hopkins & Allen shut down, the firearms company produced a wide variety of gun parts, accessories, and gun models. You can find components for the following firearms:

  • Merwin Hubert revolvers: In 1874, the brand acquired Merwin Hubert, and became the sole manufacturer of Merwin Hubert revolvers. These firearms fire .44 rounds and come in a variety of sub-models.
  • Single barrel shotguns: This type of firearm was sold exclusively at partnered sporting goods stores. These shotguns and gun parts are now rare collector’s items.
  • Derringers: Derringers are tiny pistols that generally shoot a single bullet, and usually kept concealed.
What types of gun parts are available?

A wide variety of replacement parts and accessories are available for different models of these guns. Some of these parts include:

  • Pistol grips: These parts are installed at the base of a revolver. Antique grips are usually made of wood, and these parts can be interchanged at will.
  • Revolver cylinder: These gun parts are installed in the center of the gun, and they house the bullets in a revolver. The cylinder can be pushed out of a revolver for loading, and it turns in place as you pull the trigger to place a new cartridge in the barrel. Most cylinders can stock five or six bullets.
  • Hammer: Hammers are gun parts that are used in the firing of a revolver. When you push the hammer back, the cylinder is indexed, which places a bullet in the chamber. When the trigger is pulled, the hammer trips, which causes the propellant to ignite. The propellant then pushes the bullet out of the chamber.
  • Butt plate: The butt plate is an oval-shaped plate that is installed at the end of the stock. Butt plates for these guns are usually made of wood.
  1. Any close up pictures of the serial number or stamping? From what I've dug up, Hopkins & Allen were only business from about 1868 to 1915. 'Hopkins and Allen Manufacturing Co' was used from 1868 to 1898. 'Hopkins and Allen Arms Co' was used from 1898 to 1915.
  2. When did you cross over to the Dark Side? Numrich Arms' 'Hopkins & Allen' was the introduction to underhammers rifles for tens of thousands of target shooters and hunters. Seen here is the Heritage, their top-of-the-line model. Hi all, I have a hopkins & allen heritage model, serial 50262 in nickel finish. Belonged to my.
How do you install a pistol grip?

After you've found a grip that fits your needs, you'll need to know how to install it on your gun. Follow these steps to complete this task:

  • Remove the existing grip by removing the screws on each side of the grip. These screws may have oxidized over time, so considerable force may be required.
  • Pull away the old grip and put the new grip in place.
  • Install the new grip using fresh screws.
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Prior to 1916. That is the year they closed. Not many recordsavailable- sorry.The Hopkins and Allen falling block rifles weremade from 1887-1914,when they purchased the Baystate ArmsCompany.Ther most common model was the junior model also knownafter 1902 as the 922,925,and 932.These were the catalog numbersassigned by Hopkins an Allen.It can be said that your rifle,whichfalls into this group was made sometime between 1902-1914.i hopethat you find this informative.

Yamaha yz250 vin jya4d0w0xna001734 what model year is it?

The tenth character 'n' indicates the manufacure year of 1996 Read More

What company has parts for an early model Hopkins and Allen falling block 12 gauge single barrel shotgun?

What is the age of a Hopkins and Allen Arms Co 12 gauge Forehand model single shotgun serial 221277?

Hopkins and Allen took over the Forehand name in 1903 and continued until 1915. Read More

Blue book value for a Hopkins and Allen 12 gauge shotgun model U 2071?

I'm looking for the blue book value for a Hopkins and Allen 12 gauge single gauge shotgun model #U2071,would anybody be able to help me out with this information? Read More

What gauge is the Hopkins and Allen model G single shot shotgun serial number 247842?

What is the value of a 12 gauge Hopkins and Allen FIre Arms Model F?

Hopkins & Allen made a huge number of single-shot and double shotguns marketed under their name and also under private labels for various catalog stores. Value will be up to $100. Read More

What is that manufacure date of a Winchester ranger 30-30 serial 5490635?

Your serial number indicates that your Winchester model ranger 30-30 rifle was made in the year 1988. Read More

How old is a forehand Hopkins and Allen arms co 12 model 147576?

Kumpulan Serial Number

Sorry, that is a serial number, not a model number. Forehand & Wadsworth was acquired by Hopkins & Allen in 1902. Due to a number of problems, the H&A company closed for good in 1917. Your shotgun is likely from the time between those two dates. Read More

What year was Hopkins and Allen range model revolvers made?

Hopkins Allen 44 cal shotgun need vulue?

I have a Hopkins Allen shot gun 44 cal. model 299 it was my grandmothers can you help me anyone. Read More

What is the value of a Hopkins and Allen Arms Company model 722?

In what year was the Hopkins Allen Arms Co Model F manufactured?

What is the year of manufacture of a Hopkins and Allen Model 922 rifle?

Value of Hopkins and Allen single-shot shotgun B6238?

H&As were low cost shotguns made in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Value will depend on EXACT model and condition, but is probably around $50-$75. Read More

What is the year and value of a Hopkins and Allen Arms Co 12 gauge forehand model single shot shotgun serial?

Your shotgun which was made between 1903-1915,will bring between 80-125 dollars,depending on overall condition. Read More

Harrington and Richardson model 1900 32 calrevolver What years were they made?

Harrington & Richardson did not make a Model 1900. Hopkins and Allen did. Read More

What year was your Hopkins and Allen range model revolver made the numbers 4026A are on the handle.?

Hopkins & Allen ended business in 1916, and there are very few points in the database. Sorry- Read More

Price of model no 722 Hopkins Allen 22 rifle?

What is the value of a model 1801 handgun made by Hopkins and Allen?

What is the value of a Hopkins and Allen model 722 22 rifle?

How do you read the serial number on a Hopkins and Allen arms co forehand model?

Is Dustin from b5 single?

Dustin is no longer single. He dates a model from Atlanta named Carissa Rene. They've been off and on even while he was formerly dating Playboy model Kim Lee. There are pictures of them together. Read More

What is the value of a daisy single shot rifle?

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What is the age and value model 20 12ga?

Hopkins and Allen arms co. 12ga serial #5832006 Read More

Your Hopkins Allen arms co norwich conn handgun is a forehand model 1801 any thoughts?

I have a Hopkins and Allen no722 single shot rifle. How old is it What is it worth?

It was made prior to 1916, since THAT is whe H&A went out of business. Value of ANY gun is based on make, Model, Conditon. Impossible to accurately answer without all 3. Read More

What is the age of a Revelation Model 100 and who manufactured it?

I inherited a .22 Revelation Model 100 single shot. It is manufactured by Western Auto Supply Co. and as far as I know it dates to the mid 1900's 1955ish. Read More

What is a model 67 single shot or pump?

What model is a Hopkins and Allen handgun serial E4313?

Unable to identify model from just the serial number. Need a detailed description of all markings, type of action, finish, caliber. Read More

What model is your steven single shot shotgun with a trigger operated breakdown latch?

My single is a model 948E but I think the 940E is the same assemble Read More

What is the value of a Winchester Model 1901 single shot .22 pump action rifle?

No such model. Winchester did not make a 'Model 1901 single shot .22 pump-action rifle.' They made a Model 1900, Model 1902 and Model 1904, which were all single-shot bolt-action rifles, and they made the Model 1890 and Model 1906 which were slide-action rifles but had tubular magazines. How exactly is your rifle marked? [email protected] Read More

What is the value of Smith and Wesson model of 91 pistol in 32 caliber?

Model 91 is a model number for handcuffs. If you mean a Single Shot Model of 1891, the single shot pistol, 100-2000 depending on EXACTLY what you have and condition. Read More

What is a Hopkins allens 16 gauge shotgun model number 07304 is worth?

About 100 USD depending on condition and who wants to buy it. Read More

How do you know that Chris Brown is single?

Chris Brown is not single he is dating a model. Read More

Is HSN model Sonja Ryans single?

What is the value of a Stevens Model 940B 16 gauge single shot?

What is the value of a Stevens model 940b 16 gauge single shot? And when was it made? Read More

Where you can get a picture how to put a 38 cal pistol Forehand Model 1901 Hopkins and Allen Arms back together?

How can you find the age or year of manufacture for Hopkins and Allen 22 caliber rifle model 298?

How can you find the age or year of manufacture for Hopkins Allen model 298 22 caliber rifle?

What is a single model that shows a single path of energy flow through an ecosystem?

Where can you get instructions on how to put a 32 cal pistol Forehand Model 1807 Hopkins and Allen Arms back together?

Hopkins and allen serial number list free

Hopkins and Allen Forehand Model 1901 32 caliber handgun sn B400C Wondering what the value might be?

How much is a 16 gauge single barrel shotgun model 350A worth?

How much is a 16 gage single barrel shotgun model 350A Revelation Read More

What years did Iver Johnson make 410 single shot shotgun?

Iver Johnston made 4 different models of single shot shotguns from the year 1909-1978.The model 36 champion was from 1909-1922,the champion model 39 was from 1909-1916.the excel model was from 1910-1935,and finally the champion single barrel model from 1923-1978. Read More

What is a single shot value?

what is the value of a single shot12 gage model 200 marlin.To the best of my knowledge Marlin only made the model 60 single shot shotgun.These were made in 1923.Their value is between 60-100 dollars. Read More

What is the value of a Hopkins and Allen Ranger No. 2 revolver. Patent March 28 1871?

The hopkins and allen ranger model No.2 was made sometime between 1902-1914.these inexpensive revolvers are valued at between 70-150 dollars,depending on overall condition. Read More

Value of Remington 22 caliber rifle Model 524 single shot?

What is the selling price for a 12GA sears roebuck single shot shotgun model model?

If a 12 gauge single shot is marked Springfield Arms and 1929 Model on the barrel could it be a model 94?

What is the value of a Ithica model m48 lever action 22 single shot?

No such model. There was a Model 49. Vary from 50-165 or so Read More

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