We’re sure we’ve heard that somewhere before… There are so many things that we fail to take advantage of. Sometimes because we don’t have an interest, and many times because we were lazy, didn’t make it a priority or just didn’t really want to do it. What’s worse, we often look back and justify to ourselves why we didn’t do something. We were too tired, it wouldn’t have worked anyway, or there were “other things” that were more important.

When setting out to accomplish anything, from painting a wall, doing chores, learning a new skill or exploring a potential business opportunity, the most important first step…is just do it. Don’t hold yourself back by thinking that you may fail, that your work product may not be ideal or that you’ll be bad at it…you probably will be! Almost every time someone starts something new, they’re bad at it! How can you ever become greater if you don’t start somewhere right?

The next time you want to start a project or even get a little something done around the house, don’t think about it and thus talk yourself out of it, just do it. How many guys have talked themselves out of approaching a girl they want to talk to because they didn’t think they would be bad at the conversation? Even if you are, just do it. The missed opportunity will bother you more than any failure you experience.