In the old days of clipping coupons, our parents and grandparents would toil away to ensure they saved that 60¢ on toilet paper, that $4 on an oil change and the motherload…anything on the clearance rack. Oh, baby. Today, it’s much simpler to find great deals, price matching, sales, and ways to save. So simple, in fact, you only need to take 30 seconds to search something followed by “discount” or “coupon.” We’re serious, try this the next time you have to purchase anything of significance and see what you’ll find. A member of our team recently purchased a new windshield for $399. The magic of Google provided, in 17 seconds of searching, a $55 off coupon. That’s a very worthwhile 17 seconds.

These discounts, coupons, and savings are everywhere, and they’re right at your fingertips, but more importantly, this has become a habit whenever we buy something. This is Next Level Thinking. We now do this routinely on most things we purchase, and there’s usually some discount code offered somewhere within a link or two. More importantly than the thousands of dollars this can save you, the simple thought to look around for any net benefit within reach gives you an impressive new skill that you can utilize ubiquitously.

This will serve you well not just when price hunting, but a little light in your mind will go off when you’re negotiating a deal, looking up relevant information, or simply becoming more informed.

Don’t just take something for what it is at face value; take a moment before you make a decision to briefly check to see if all your ducks are in a row. You might have your own 17 seconds of glory.