Jumping into the same action that already led to failure is bad, mmkay. Some call this insanity, so why do we fall into this trap?

We do it because we act before we acknowledge our previous failure or are eager to try again. Action before or without thought is a dangerous game. This is an almost guaranteed way to face the same, if not worse, failure because you didn’t learn and adapt from your previous mistake.

When you honestly assess a situation, you acknowledge your setbacks, your mistakes, where you may have gone wrong, and, most importantly, what best action to take next.

Here’s the thing, it can be simple, but won’t necessarily be easy. The more confident you were in your action that led to a setback, the harder it will be to let go of that action, and the more likely you will be to justify rather than scrap certain behaviors. Old habits die hard. You may struggle to switch tactics, and also have to stay positive and confident in your next plan of attack when the last one you trusted didn’t work out.

Effectively pivot by visualizing creative new ideas and approaches. Think critically by examining why your initial approach failed. Immerse yourself in possible new actions. Remain confident in your execution and delivery; you’ve got this. You’re not dumb or insane, that’s why you’re trying something new. You’re ready to succeed – act like it. Shoulders back, chest out, firm voice.

You’re an Achiever, after all.