Leadership style naturally grows out of personality type. Here are four personality groups and the leadership styles of each.

The Analyst Leader

The logical Analyst leader will create and adopt systems with an improved organization in mind. Rationality guides their matter-of-fact approach. They have little patience for anything not rooted in logic.

Franklin D. Roosevelt is a prime example of an Analyst leader because he created programs such as Social Security and the Works Progress Administration to help alleviate the Great Depression.

The Diplomat Leader

The visionary Diplomat involves themselves with ideas linked to higher causes and values. They inspire and incite a sense of purpose and vision. They are future-focused.

Walt Disney was a Diplomat leader who dreamed big and didn’t let anyone stop him. His motto was “Dream, Believe, Dare, Do.”

The Sentinel Leader

The responsible Sentinel leader will take care of business with an administrator’s eye, is detail-oriented and meticulous. These personality types work from a sense of responsibility to the greater good. They protect and preserve society.

Popes like Pope Francis are an excellent example of Sentinel leaders. They take care of their followers with a duty to the Church and its principles.

The Explorer Leader

The agile Explorer leader is quick to find solutions and takes the organization in a new and exciting direction. They don’t mind taking risks when there are high rewards. They are about action, not planning and analyzing.

Richard Branson is an Explorer leader. His creation of Virgin Record Megastores paved the way for the more than 400 companies under the Virgin banner. His obsession with innovation and the future explains why his company is entering the spaceflight industry.

Although one leadership style might come more naturally to you, you can always develop the skill sets of other leadership styles.