218 Free Romance And Love Ebooks. Regular cup of tea beside you, because it’ll make the journey much more interesting. As usual the majority of the free downloads (or rather free reads), are online web-serials, meaning the author writes a chapter on a predefined period, sometimes once or twice a week, sometimes once a forthnight. Where stories live. Discover the world's most-loved social storytelling platform. Wattpad connects a global community of 70 million readers and writers. 20 Best Sites to Download Free Books in 2019. Search the site GO. Web & Search. Here are the top 20 sites where you can find and download a wide variety of completely free books online, anything from romance novels to computer technology manuals. But only five books every month in the PDF and TXT formats. A VIP membership here.

Free Kindle romance books are one of the easiest types of free kindle books you can find. In fact, the romance fans that I know haven't spent money on a romance book in years.

  • Free romance books online for the romantics of the world. Find great romance eBooks to download from our collection. If you are looking for a steamy read, these books will not disappoint!
  • How can I download a free PDF of any book? Update Cancel. Here are the top 20 sites where you can find and download a wide variety of completely free books online, anything from romance novels to computer technology manuals. There is no way to download free books directly from this site. If you find a book you want to read, you have.

There are so many free Kindle romance books available, you're going to have to make some tough choices to figure out which one you want to read next. Good thing they're all free, so you can download them all if you want.

Many of the free Kindle romance books are divided into subcategories like Paranormal, Fantasy, Contemporary, and Holidays so you can narrow it down to find exactly the type of book you like.

If you're looking for more ways to get free books and other reading material, check out my lists of free audio books, and free nook books.

Sometimes the romance books are only free for a limited time. Be sure to verify that they are still free before you download them or you may be charged.

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Amazon's Free Romance Ebooks

The majority of the websites in this list go directly to Amazon to get Kindle books, so visiting Amazon first may be the best way to find free romance ebooks.

The Kindle books here are the top 100 free romance books on Amazon, and the list is updated every hour.

Within Amazon's Romance genre are around 20 subsections, such as Fantasy, African American, Inspirational, Paranormal, Series, Westerns, Time Travel, and Contemporary.

Some romance ebooks may also be available in Amazon's Limited-Time Offers section of the Kindle Store, where you can sort books by popularity, publication date, and star rating.

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Pixel of Ink

Pixel of Ink updates every day, adding more free and discounted ebooks to its collection of over 10 genres. Nearly each time, there are brand new romance Kindle books that you can take for free.

Basic details are shown for each book at Pixel of Ink, such as a short summary, a cover photo, the author's name and a direct link to the download page on Amazon.

To ensure you don't miss out on newly added ebooks, be sure to sign up for Pixel of Ink's free email subscription and check their Facebook and Twitter page.

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OverDrive Through Your Public Library

OverDrive lets you borrow free Kindle romance books from thousands of participating libraries just like you would when checking out a regular, paper book.

Similar to an actual library book lending program, after a few weeks, your ebook will automatically be taken off your Kindle.

For more information on how OverDrive works, see Amazon's customer service on how to borrow Kindle books from a public library.

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Finding free romance books at eReaderIQ couldn't be easier. There are a number of sorting and filtering options to help find the Kindle book you want.

Results can be displayed to show the rating, description, author, number of Amazon reviews, and the number of pages all on one single results page. You can also filter books by length and sort them by best rating or most reviewed.

There are even over a dozen subcategories under the romance genre that you can browse through or exclude from the results, such as Military, Fantasy, Gothic, Time Travel, Holidays, Inspirational, Sports, and Contemporary.

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Pdf Romance Books Free Download Without Login

A nice collection of free romance Kindle books are also available at FreeBooksy, and some books let you choose a Nook or Apple download if you're wanting to read them on a device other than a Kindle.

Every book has a description section that you can read before you download it.

FreeBooksy lets you sign up for email updates for free, and the options it has are very nice. You can choose to get updates on when new romance books are added (and/or any of the other genres) and have them arrive daily or weekly. You can also choose which device you're going to read the books on so you can get specific download links sent to you.

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Over one thousand free romance ebooks are available at ManyBooks.net. You're able to search for books by title, subtitle, author, and language.

Once you select an ebook, you can see all the details about it, such as the number of downloads, word count, publish date, reviews, synopsis, and even an excerpt from the book.

The free ebooks at ManyBooks.net can be downloaded in a variety of formats, such as Kindle's AZW, PDF, MOBI, RTF, EPUB, and many others.

An RSS feed is available for just romance ebooks here so you can stay up to date on new releases in this genre, though there's also one for all the genres at ManyBooks.net, found here.

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OHFB.com (OneHundredFreeBooks)

The OHFB website is very simple to navigate and there are plenty of free romance ebooks to enjoy.

Just choose a Kindle book that interests you and you'll be met with a short description and a link to download it on Amazon.

You can monitor new ebook releases from OHFB's social media pages, where they link to blog posts of free and bargain Kindle books. They also have a free email subscription service that you can take advantage of.

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The eReader Cafe

The eReader Cafe has Kindle bargains and freebies in many genres, such as romance.

Each romance ebook you find at The eReader Cafe takes you to Amazon's download page so you can find the description of the Kindle book, user reviews, and more.

To stay on top of new releases, it's easy to sign up for their free email subscription to get daily updates. You can also follow their social media pages.

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DailyCheapReads.com has plenty of categories of books that are heavily discounted, but there's also plenty of free Kindle books available.

Every genre of free ebooks is categorized in the same section, which means finding romance books among the others isn't as easy as some of the other websites in this list.

There's a dedicated category for romance books, but they aren't all free - some are available at a discounted price.

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Freebook Sifter

Freebook Sifter has thousands of free romance ebooks collected from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other places.

Newly added ebooks can be sent to you through email on a daily basis and you can also search for books and browse through genres.

Romance ebooks at Freebook Sifter are sectioned off into categories like Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, and Historical Romance.

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More free romance ebooks can be found at Shelfbuzz. Every link takes you directly to the download page of that particular book.

Something I like about Shelfbuzz is that it has a master link of all the day's featured books at the bottom of each post, which takes you to Amazon and lists every free book on one simple page. This makes it even easier to download the books you want.

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DigiLibraries includes over 450 free romance Kindle books that are categorized as Fiction Romance, and you don't even need a user account to download them.

You can clearly see a book's description, author, and cover image as you scroll through the website, and clicking any book gives you the option to read and leave comments with others.

Some of these romance ebooks are available in a variety of file formats, such as PDF, MOBI, and EPUB.

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Free-Ebooks.net has dozens of free romance ebooks that you can sort by newest, rating, most popular, and alphabetical.

A synopsis of the books is shown when you hover your mouse over them, which makes it really easy to browse through the romance books without having to visit their download page for more information. You can also see how many people have viewed that particular ebook and when it was first published.

After creating a free account with Free-Ebooks.net, you can download the romance books in PDF and sometimes TXT format.

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BookBub is a website that has time sensitive free ebooks in lots of different genres that you can download from a variety of sources, like Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo.

There are five sections at BookBub that host free romance Kindle books, such as Erotic Romance, Historical Romance, and New Adult & College Romance.

Each book's profile page has a synopsis as well as a full description of the book. Also included is an expiration date for when it's no longer free and social buttons so you can share ebooks over Twitter and Facebook.

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PixelScroll has lots of genres of free Kindle books, including romance books. Some of the categories include Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, and Paranormal Romance.

Each book at PixelScroll shows a description, image, and direct link to Amazon's website to download it for free.

To stay up to date with PixelScroll's Kindle book releases, you can sign up with their free email subscription service as well as monitor their social media pages for new posts.

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Sign up with RomanceDeals to get free and discounted romance Kindle books sent directly to your inbox. Emails are sent out at least once a week but no more than once a day.

Emails show an image of the ebook, a description, when the deal ends, and a direct link to where you can take advantage of the deal, such as on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

You can also find updates to RomanceDeals on their Twitter and Facebook page.

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Romance eBook Deals

Very similar to RomanceDeals, Romance eBook Deals sends free and bargain romance books to your email address each and every day.

Among other things, you can read the description of the ebooks, see the expiration date of the deal, and have a direct link to Amazon's page to download the book.

If you'd rather not get these updates in your email, you can always check Romance eBook Deals' Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus page, where they talk about all their new romance ebooks.

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Centsless Books

Centsless Books has, as you'd guess, romance Kindle books that don't even cost a cent!

Ebooks are completely free and update every hour with the most popular ebooks it finds on the Internet.

You can search and browse through the Centsless Books website to get direct links to the download page, as well as subscribe for free to get email updates.

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Free Ebooks Daily

Free Books Daily has new free and discounted ebooks on a daily basis. The free romance Kindle books are mixed in with the discounted books, but it's easy to tell which are free by looking for a price next to a book's title.

Each book has a description on Free Books Daily's website, and the links take you directly to the download page.

Between 5 and 10 free ebooks are added every single day in categories that aren't just romance but also mystery/thriller and sci-fi/fantasy.

It's free to sign up for email updates so you can get new Kindle books sent to you over email every day.

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Free Kindle Books and Tips

Free Kindle Books and Tips is full of Kindle information as well as dozens of genres of free and discounted books, such as romance ebooks.

Amazon's description of the ebooks are shown on Free Kindle Books and Tips' website and the download links are direct links to Amazon's website.

Because the romance Kindle books are free only for a limited time, it's best to stay current with updates so you can take advantage of the offers before they expire. You can do this through their free email service and by checking their social media accounts.

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eBookDaily is a great way to get free romance Kindle books because the ones you’ll find here are usually free for just one day, and the website is super simple to use.

Just scroll down this page until you find the Romance section, and you’ll clearly see if they’re still free or not, and you can simply click the download button to go right to Amazon to download the ebook. Hover the mouse over one of the Kindle books to read its description. Also available is the star rating and ​the number of reviews from Amazon’s website.

You can also view past day’s free Kindle books, but you must create a free account to do so. If you do make an account with eBookDaily, you also get email alerts. Emails consist of 3 free Kindle books in the romance category (or any that you choose) delivered to your inbox each and every day.

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Bootastik has reviews and ratings for lots of books, as well as some free romantic Kindle ebooks that you can download for free.

Finding free Kindle books under the romance category at Booktastik may be difficult because there are also cheap, discounted books mixed in as well.

Booktastik has a free section too, though, which hosts just free Kindle books, some of which are in the romantic genre.

Some ebooks point to Amazon while other downloads take you to iTunes, Kobo, or Barnes & Noble.

Pdf Books Free Download Sites

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