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Game's not bad, not the deepest strategy game in the world but I wasn't expecting a super huge amount of depth. I'm not even close to the game's end, but, I'd like to note a few things that should be improved.

First off, certain gear making units cost more, as well as the ability to change Eva's class, should be made more clear. I didn't even know Eva could change class until I looked up a video of how to beat the first boss and saw them using two small swords instead of one big one.

Secondly, you might want to tone down the difficulty a little bit, for example: The Phase, allowing enemies to deploy 10/7 double attacking units with move three who boost their own attack on spawn seems a bit much, especially for that point in the game, as it can cut through seemingly any tank you could have by that point in one turn and then move afterwards, or cut through two squishier units, or one unit and then instantly kill you. The point where I had to stop was Blightwall North, Toxic Spray is simply unfair. Heals all enemies, gives them regen, increases their attack by 4, poisons all allies, reduces their attack by 4, all of these effects last 3 turns, more than long enough for the AI to just kill you.

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