There’s a joke that says we begin by teaching our children to talk and walk, and after the first year, we then tell them to sit down and shut up. Why is this? Often it’s because it’s easier not to do something than to do something, isn’t it? When you have an opportunity to do something, whether that’s a business deal, trip to get ice cream, or hanging out with friends, how often have you said “no” simply because it was easier to stay at home or not to do it? We fall into this trap day in and day out, and before you know what’s happened, your default mentality is to say no.

I say, shift your thought process to saying “Yes” unless there’s a reason to say “No.” Instead of “No,” unless there’s a reason to say “Yes.” This difference may seem nuanced and trivial, but this mindset opens doors of opportunity like you wouldn’t believe. By saying “yes,” we give ourselves the ability to experience life’s opportunities, pleasures, and experiences.

The next time someone asks you to go out to eat, or there’s a networking event, or a chance to do something that you may be too tired to do, stop for a moment and ask yourself “Is this something that I can say yes to?” A life lived this way is a more abundant life.