When you first launched your business, you most likely used a simple template from WordPress or Squarespace to build your first website. It was cheap, easy, and allowed you to create a place to showcase your brand and sell your products. However, as time goes on, you start to notice other websites that are more engaging and customizable. If you have begun to turn a profit, you may begin to explore redesigning your website.

Question #1: How Crucial Is Your Website To Sales?

You should only consider redesigning your website if it is the main point of sales for your products. Even then, you have to determine if your current set up is preventing you from making more sales? Does your analytics show that customers are leaving before arriving at your products page? If yes, then it might be time for a change.

Question #2: How Much Has Your Company Changed?

If your company has the same messaging and products it did the day you launched, you might not need to do anything. However, if your brand has evolved to service a new audience or offers a distinctly different type of product, you may need to change how your site is laid out.

Question #3: How Much Do I Need To Sell To Make The Money Back?

Website redesigns can cost between $1,000 and $10,000 depending on several factors. Once you get an estimate, you need to calculate how many products you need to sell before breaking even. Then, compare that to the number of products you sell each month. If you can’t make your money back in 3 months or less, it is not time to redesign your website.