We all screw up, it’s a fact of life. Every one of your friends, family members, co-workers, and contacts has screwed up in a big and small way at some point in their lives. We have all also had successes. Every person reading this has many things they’ve accomplished that they should be proud of. Despite this, chances are high that you often let your mistakes hold you back more than you let your successes propel your forward.

The reasoning behind why we keep reverting to remembering our old mistakes may lie in psychology, family history, or health issues depending on who you are and what you may remember. Even though that old screw up may have messed up something in the past, by keeping that mistake with you, the damage you are doing to your future is far greater.

When you remember a past mistake (we call them the “nagging doubts”), you make it harder for yourself to move forward. Consciously and unconsciously, you can prevent yourself from making an impactful decision, enter a prosperous new relationship, accept an exciting new opportunity, or take a bold action that could significantly enhance your quality of life. The real mistake is not what happened years ago, it’s letting that incident screw up your future by lamenting on it when you could be focusing on the future.

The next time you need to decide or choose a course of action and those nagging doubts start to creep up, consider only the facts in front of you. What is best for your current situation and your future self? What choice is best going to align with your goals and ambitions? Whatever happened in the past will have no impact on what you do moving forward, unless you choose to let it. So, you can screw up once and learn, or screw up twice and suffer. Or screw up thrice and really suffer! Make the choice to let it the past stay in the past and consider your bright future.