You may not know it if you look at me, but I (Kyle) used to love to walk on my lunch breaks when I worked in the corporate world. These walks were often the best part of my days.

I remember when I was working at the worst job I have ever had; I was taking a lunch walk around a huge pond. It was March, and I distinctly remember looking at this pond and saying to myself, “If I am still here and walking around this pond during the summer, I am going to be very upset.” I HATED that job and convinced myself a new one would solve all my problems.

Two months later, I started a brand new job that quickly rivaled my old one for the title of “worst ever.” One summer day, I was exploring the area and guess what I found—a big pond with a walking trail around it. As I walked around this new pond, I realized something very important. The job may have changed, but my situation remained the same. I was still walking around a pond as I escaped my terrible job for one short hour.

The lesson I learned was that if you really want something (in the “can’t sleep, can’t stop thinking about it” kind of way), you have to go after it full throttle. If you’re unhappy, do not do something that will act as a bandaid or a temporary fix. For me, I knew I needed to leave corporate America and run my own business. Instead of going all-in on that idea, I applied for jobs that I thought would be better than my current situation.

If you want to improve any area of your life, you have to make big, scary, and uncomfortable choices and changes. If all you ever do is make small comfortable tweaks, you will never achieve the lasting change you need. Unless you go for what you REALLY want in life, there will always be a pond to remind you that you could have tried harder.