The balance of healthy personal relationships is critical in maintaining your mental health, as well as your professional potential.

If you don’t have that balance, you’ll get consumed with what you do and lose sight of who you are. And what you do will eat up who you are—until all you are is what you do. Confused yet? We’ll clear it up.

The higher you go at anything, the more deeply you have to be rooted in something. We all know the Michael Jacksons of the world who do the most amazing things but often fall on their sword because it is hard to compete with a big life if you’ve got a small home.

Surround yourself with three different types of people to keep you balanced:

  1. People who need you. These people give you purpose. It’s essential to have people who drive you to work hard, achieve, and be consistent. These are people you help, people you train or teach, and people you lead.
  2. People who feed you. If you have a certain amount of people in your life who need you, you must have a certain amount of people in your life who feed you. Without people who feed you, you’re going to feel empty and drained pretty soon. These people are mentors, loved ones, faith leaders, and others whom you can lean on and learn from.
  3. People who want to keep you. The people you enjoy and who enjoy you. They’re just crazy and fun to be with, you know? Your mind gets a rest. It is neither drained nor fed.

Live in the middle of these three types of people to stay healthy, happy, and productive.