What is Bioimpedance?

Bioimpedance uses body composition analysis to break your body into fat, muscle mass, minerals, and body water, giving you a more comprehensive understanding of how your body works and changes throughout the day.

Tracking our fitness goals is a bit easier thanks to technology like the Apple Watch, Fitbit, and other smartwatches. Something is rewarding about having a “56-day move streak” and meeting my activity goals for the day, and it helps build the habits necessary for a healthier lifestyle. The Aura Band goes beyond other fitness trackers by incorporating bioimpedance analysis.

The Aura Band measures body composition as well as hydration, sleep, activity, and heart rate. Aura Band tracks when you’re walking, resting, and playing sports, analyzing your activities and health data in real-time. You can access the data and analysis on its companion app. If you prefer to use a different app, you can transfer all of that data to Apple Healthkit, MyFitness Pal, etc. You’re able to physically see the changes your body is making internally and externally. Aura also makes a strap with similar features as the band for the Apple Watch.

The Aura Band is excellent for fitness and it’s an innovative way to predict health issues early to better people’s lives. Think preventative care instead of reactive. Technology likes this makes it possible for healthcare to become data-driven, cheaper, and more reliable.