We’re willing to bet that there’s a spelling or grammar mistake in almost every email conversation out there, and in every text message conversation. Most of these are harmless and often amusing but they can be dangerous at times (wish you were here*** srry my b). We send so much communication between our friends, colleagues and contacts and it’s so instantaneous that we don’t even register a spelling mistake if we make one.

Try getting into the habit of simply re-reading what you’re going to send, whether through email or text. Text is easier because it’s short and re-reading an email that you’ve just spent half an hour writing is just annoying, but it could save you from unclear communication or worse.

The real benefit to this, especially in a world with Twitter, is to rethink about what you want to say. In the best case, you fix a misspelling or a grammatical error (your or you’re anyone?) and in the worst case, you catch yourself about to send something you didn’t really mean or think through that could have unintended negative consequences. You’ll sound more articulate, more thought out and intentional. It’s only takes a few seconds to simply reread what you’ve typed out but you never know, your future could depend on it.

Now watch, there’s going to be a misspelling in this editorial that we missed…