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“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.”

–Vincent van Gogh

THE FIRST STEP: Seize the opportunity

Crafting a Mission Statement

Visit enough brand websites and you’ll see that most of them have a mission statement for their customers to read. For a new business owner, it may not always be a clear path from idea to official website mission statement. Even though you know what your company does, it’s not always easy to put down into words, especially a brief paragraph capped at 4 or 5 sentences.

To be clear, a mission statement is different than an “About Us” section. An About Us tells the reader who you are and what products or services you have to offer. A mission statement is meant to dive deeper into aspects of your brand, including who you are helping and what you strive to achieve for your customers.

Let’s say you own a dog rescue shelter. Your about us would tell us where your shelter is located and what types of dogs you rescue. Your mission statement would talk about your goal is: to save puppies from unfortunate circumstances and match them with loving forever homes. See the difference?

A mission statement is often much harder to craft than an About Us and can go through many iterations before you think it’s right. However, the right mission statement can set you apart from your competition. You both may do the same thing, but if you can express your passion and purpose, you will most likely sway the reader to choose you. To start, write down why you started your business, who you help, the value you provide, and what you are looking to accomplish. This also helps to hone your purpose in your own mind.

Afterwards, write a paragraph that explains all of the above. The key thing to remember is that it’s not about the actual writing. Yes, it should have correct grammar and spelling, but it doesn’t need to be perfect. What it does need to do is leave the reader with a clear sense of your purpose. Remember, you started your business or side hustle for an important reason, your passion! That passion reaches the reader through your mission statement.

ACHIEVERS’ ARMORY: Equip yourself with proven tools & tactics

Your Entire Company in One Place

If you’re a business owner, you know the number of platforms and programs you need to run your business. Marketing, sales, e-commerce, your website, analytics, the list seems endless. For someone who is contemplating starting their own business, thinking about the number of tools you need to learn and monitor can be overwhelming. If only there were an all-in-one solution to solve this problem… Meet, Kajabi.

Kajabi is an online platform that helps you run all facets of your business. Its main goal is to help you connect and manage the various parts of your company. Kajabi allows you to reduce the number of platforms you use and enables you to focus on the big picture.

Selling Products

Kajabi allows you to showcase and sell your products to your website visitors. This includes accepting and processing customer payments when they purchase one of your services.


Building your website can be complicated and time-consuming (believe us…we know). Kajabi provides easy-to-use, plug-and-play templates that allow you to quickly create a website that tells your brand story and sell your products and services.

E-Mail Marketing

The best way to keep in touch with your audience is through a well-planned e-mail marketing campaign (sound familiar?). Kajabi’s templates and campaign examples will help keep your brand top of mind for your audience.

Landing Pages

A landing page is perfect for collecting e-mail addresses, making announcements, or showcasing events. Kajabi provides several templates to choose from that will ensure your customers get the information they need and the action you desire.

Track Relationships

For many businesses, it takes several rounds of communication to convert a lead to a customer. You must keep detailed notes on each customer, including where they are in the buying process, things you have learned about them, and their role at the company. Kajabi allows you to pull up a customer profile in seconds and review it before your next call.

Try Kajabi here, and tell them Achievers Circle sent you!

MINDSET: Train your brain to win

The Story of the Elephant and the Dog

The story of the dog and the elephant proves the maxim patience is a virtue.

Both the dog and the elephant become pregnant at the same time, as time passes, the dog has given birth to six puppies. Six months down the road, the dog is pregnant yet again, and three months later gave birth to her second litter of puppies. This cycle continues, and as we fast-forward eighteen months later, the dog and the elephant yet again cross paths.

The dog approaches the elephant with the common head tilt; dogs often do, to better understand a situation. Confused, the dog asks the elephant, “are you sure you’re really pregnant? It seems as if it has been forever, we became pregnant on the same date, and I am already on my third litter of puppies!” However, what the dog didn’t know was that the elephant knew exactly what she had growing inside of her. The elephant replied, “There is something I want you to understand. What I am carrying is not a puppy but an elephant. I only give birth to one in two years. When my baby hits the ground, the earth feels it. When my baby crosses the road, human beings stop and watch in admiration, what I carry draws attention. So what I’m carrying is mighty and great.”

The elephant knew that as long as she remained patient and persistent in her journey, she would get exactly what she wanted, her baby.

Don’t lose faith when you see others receive the answers to their prayers or the fruition of their dreams. Don’t be envious of others’ successes. There is a time and place for everything. Some dreams have a longer incubation period than others. Late bloomers learn resilience and gain strength by reshaping expectations, falling, continually standing up, and working around obstacles. This patience and resilience are critical for long-term success. Your time is coming, and people will “stop and watch in admiration” at what you’ve become, created, or carried.

STAND UP EIGHT: Triumph & persevere

The Opera that Almost Didn’t Exist

Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi was born in Italy in 1813. He was a tough, private man who had a difficult life having lost his wife and two young children to disease during a grief-ridden 20-month span in 1839 and 1840. Verdi battled through his grief to compose an opera called A King for a Day that, when released, was a critical and commercial failure and given only a single performance. Following its flop, Verdi vowed never to compose again.

A year later, however, the director of La Scala, Italy’s most prestigious theatre, convinced him to write an opera based on the story of the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II.

Verdi battled through his rage over his failed opera to compose his third opera, titled Nabucco, which was a smash hit.

Nabucco underpinned Verdi’s success until he retired from the theatre, having written twenty-nine operas of which most were sensational. Verdi’s operas brought him fame and cemented his legacy as transforming Italian opera into true musical drama.

After Verdi’s wife and children died, he could have shut down and stopped writing operas. But he didn’t. After his failed opera, he almost never composed again. But he did, largely because of the encouragements of La Scala‘s director. Verdi could have easily succumbed to the pressures of failure, but he heeded the director’s encouragement, and the resulting opera he composed set his life on a new upward trajectory. Verdi proves that a few losses do not equal a defeat. It’s essential to get back up again.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Master the soft skills

Your Persian Flaw

A Persian flaw is a fault intentionally introduced by Persian artists to signify that man was inherently flawed, and only God was perfect. So, in other words, a deliberate mistake. A deliberate mistake can be helpful in a dynamic situation such as a debate, an interview, or a manager review. For example, in a debate, you intentionally open yourself up to a minor weakness that your opponent sees as a vulnerability and jumps on the opportunity to attack. In reality, you’re prepared for this and have considered the counterarguments where your opponent only saw what they thought was a fault and was too quick to lunge. Now you can successfully overwhelm on a point that your opponent didn’t predict and look informed as well. (Here’s an example:

You can also do this successfully in interviews when the interviewer asks you the stupid question, “what are your weaknesses.” The classic “escape” from this answer is to give a strength disguised as a weakness (“I work too hard!”), but this is inauthentic. Instead, try providing your answer as a Persian Flaw: use the opportunity to display that you have your flaws, as does everyone, but that you’re always working to overcome them, and that’s the important quality.

Another way to utilize a Persian Flaw is in a relationship, either platonic or romantic. An intentional minor mistake allows your friend, partner, or colleague to help you and thus improve the relationship. Use this in conjunction with asking for or doing a favor and build a connection. The flaw itself doesn’t even have to be intentional, really, but if you find yourself with one, use the opportunity to allow a peer to be magnanimous.


1% BETTER: Improve each day

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