Language is one of our most incredible tools, and it’s free. It is literally like magic. Mastery in language is one of, if not the greatest skill set, you can acquire. A more excellent range of linguistic skills allows you to adapt to more varied situations, become adept at achieving the result you want from others, and gives you the freedom and power to articulate your thoughts better. It’s truly not what you say but how you say it. We’ve double emphasized that sentence because it’s so important. Let’s give you some examples of how you can subtly change the meaning of what you’re saying to maneuver a situation more aptly.

Every professional, student, and entrepreneur should make a consistent effort to slowly and carefully improve how they speak because it gives them power. The more words you know to describe an emotion, thought, or idea, the better your ability to convey what you want. You don’t have to be an ass about it and come across all snobby and pedantic (whoops). Still, it’s a valuable endeavor to pursue the depth of language, and it yields unbelievable returns.

You can see the opposite of this in some comedians and children who use “filler” words or cursing in place of a more suitable word that better says what they mean.

Even if you choose words, phrases, and language you already know, it’s better to have a few more arrows in your quiver that you can lean on instead of being forced to use the same old tropes.