Self-motivation is what separates the mediocre from the exceptional. It’s the reason certain people get promoted, and others stay right where they are. It’s the reason some people can never lose weight. Anyone who has ever achieved anything significant in life has relied on self-motivation to get there.

Self-motivation is the act of motivating yourself to keep moving forward regardless of setbacks, issues, or obstacles. Most people are not self-motivated. They are motivated by outside forces like fear or pain. Some employees only work hard because they are afraid of losing their job, not because they are passionate about what they do. Most people obey the speed limit because they are motivated to avoid getting pulled over by the cops. This type of motivation is limiting and will hardly ever deliver achievement or fulfillment.

If you seek to achieve more in life, you must be self-motivated. You must be crystal clear about your goals and why you want to achieve them. You also need to be mentally prepared to have that motivation challenged on a regular basis. It will be challenged each time you things don’t go the way you planned. This is where you will be tested. You can revert to the way things were, or you can summon your new self-motivation, remember why you started, and power through. The choice is yours.