Tell us if this sounds familiar. You run around like crazy all day and find yourself exhausted at the end of it. When you finally slide into bed, you are staring at the ceiling, thinking about a million different things. This ends up keeping you up, which means you are getting less sleep and will be tired the following day.

Instead of just accepting this as reality, we should examine what is keeping us awake. What do we find ourselves thinking about the most? More importantly, what can we do to solve this problem and get to sleep faster? For the next three nights, we want you to write down some of the thoughts that run through your head and keep you awake. Once you determine the theme, you can work towards finding a solution.

You may find that you are kept awake by worrying about life problems such as money, health, or your family. Whatever the problem is, identify one thing you can do to lessen your concern. If there’s nothing you can do, then there’s no point in worrying. If you are constantly thinking about your next-day tasks, then get into the habit of creating a list and prioritizing each thing you need to accomplish. Lastly, if you are guilty of replaying past events in your head, it’s important to identify why you are doing that and accept the fact that no good can come from it.

Sleep is an integral part of becoming a high achiever. If you are losing out on valuable rest because you are up thinking about something, then that is a problem. Ultimately, it is up to you to identify the problem and then implement a reasonable solution.