One word that’s hot on social media right now is ‘Karen.’

According to Wikipedia, a ‘Karen’ is a slang term used to describe, “a woman perceived to be entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is considered appropriate or necessary.” Yea…life’s probably a little harder for people named Karen right now.

I think the problem with being a Karen is less about what you’re saying and more about how you’re saying it. Clearly, there are exceptions to this, especially when the content of what you’re saying is harmful, racist, sexist, prejudice, or downright mean. If you focus on talking in a kind, inquisitive manner, speaking up can be a good thing.

  1. If you don’t state your opinion, people will assume it or that you don’t care.
  2. Disagreement doesn’t equal conflict. If you have the same goals as someone with opposing opinions, you’ll (hopefully) be able to work together toward those goals. Disagreement can result in an even better solution or idea.
  3. If you have something genuinely good to say, don’t let it go unsaid! Appreciation, gratitude, respect, and admiration should be shared. You might feel a little silly sharing it, but you’ll make the other person feel so great.
  4. Opposition makes you better. Realizing that there is opposition to your beliefs, forces you to study, reinforce, or adapt them.