Let’s face it, we all screw up at some point. Failure is inevitable, what’s important is how you handle it. It feels pretty lousy to discover that you messed up. It doesn’t have to be all bad news bears, though.

What separates an Achiever from the average is what happens next, and what you take with you moving forward. After you mess up, own it. This alone can be difficult, but accepting that something went wrong is crucial for determining the next step. Get over it fast and focus on how to fix it or improve the next time around. Once the problem is fixed, examine why it happened in the first place. Then, think about what you learned from the process and how you prevent it from happening again. If you learned a valuable lesson, or how better to handle an error, you’ve successfully turned a mistake into an opportunity to grow.

Another benefit of this process appears when you find yourself in comparable circumstances in the future. Do you approach similar situations differently? What do you do automatically now as a result of your past mistake? If you end up becoming a better employee, co-worker, friend, spouse, or person in general, then that mistake may have been a blessing in disguise.